Blessings of Silence

Hello beloved one,

Day of Silence and Alligator Blessings
Yesterday was a delightful blessing I was nudged by spirit to enjoy a delicious gift of communion with nature, animal life, sky, wind sun. I so enjoy the days of being in silence unplugged from all electronics and the world. This was a short 24 hour silence. The longer the silence the deeper the connection and communion with all around me and within my consciousness. It is a soul spa day of deepening into your Divine Presence and the present moment of now.

Days in silence gifts the reclaiming of your authentic self as the thoughts that flow by you become fewer and further apart. You human mind becomes like a clear blue sky that is cloudless. Empty of thoughts, ideas, concepts. Release form attachments and getting lost in your mind of chaotic soup. You feel released into the wast unity of all that is about you and with in you.  You can feel, hear, sense God mind beyond the separate fear based mind.

“All attachments prevent you from being present. In the present moment, you cannot hold onto anything, nor are you identified with anything. You are simply here, present with what is here.” -Leonard Jacobson

What is a day in silence? It is a day where you do not utter a sound. You spend time in quiet contemplation, meditation, reading, walking, nourishing yourselves. It is a slowing down from our hectic doings. It can also be very effective in organizing offices, cooking, doing chores and all the things you normally do, however without the verbal communication with others. It is an incredible opportunity to be in great presence with full conscious awareness of the infinite consciousness we are. It realigns you to your true spacious being~ness. All senses seem to become more heightened  as colors brighten, sounds are clearer, foods more fragrant etc.

alligatormeditationWhat bought me great joy was our resident alligator decided to spend most of the day with me as I sat on the grass meditating, present with the incredibly abundant birdlife around me and reading. We see it trolling around coming and going but this was different. We would sit for long periods just looking into each others eyes in presence. I felt so at peace with this extraordinary animal being fully present with me. They are full of patience, stunning, agile, stealthy, peaceful, smiling, sun loving, intelligent. At points our fields would merge and we became one. there was no alligator and me. I was the alligator and it was me.

Often throughout the the day I would just offer my “I love you, I know you , I honor your divinity.” connecting our 6th energy centers. I felt it’s response. All I heard in my mind was “Be still and know I am God.” “I see God in every moment.” It would now and then swim to the other side. It made sounds and movements I had not seen yet lifting it’s body out of the water as if in a dance. I was amazed how it just chose to “sit” with me or perhaps it thought I was food?

Around dusk it came back straight toward me and sat at waters edge again as if it was saying “I am here.” I was called to come out of my silence for a few minutes and chanted light language for a while. It looked like it was in heaven. When I was done, I bowed. It bowed back and turned and left for the night. This morning as I came out it was waiting for me again just under the tree. I sang light language  again and when over, it backed up and turned around again to troll the lake and go on another journey. Funny bit.

rememberwhowearelightWhat can we learn form the experience of being silent and the animals that bless us with their presence. The major gift for me is communion and entrance into oneness. When we are fully present with anything even a tissue box  we are alive and aligned with our God consciousness. There is a great calm and deep peace that fills us, that sees beyond the eyes of the human. It quiets the noise of the fear based consciousness we often et trapped in.

In ancient days and in some traditions still if you want to become a master of self then often you live in total silence for 11-17 years. The idea is until you can only speak words of beauty, love and light you must keep silent.

If you are not able to take one of silence I invite you on the delicious journey of one hour of silence, a morning, an afternoon. It could  20 minutes of eating in silence.  You will feel a whole new level of inner and outer communication that is by far richer than any words ever created. You enter into experiential and multidimensional communication with All~ness in the Oneness of Divine Intelligence you are.

Have fun~filled Silent Blessings

Namasté Maria

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