Easter Blessings

Hello Beloved one,

Many are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus this weekend. What is really meant by this? Could it be it is the lifting up into a higher state of consciousness that is referred to as we Resurrect into our true selves. The release of the fear of the dissolving  of our temporary vehicle that we cling to fervently onto. The release of the habit of fear based thoughts and emotions such as guilt, fear, judgement and separation that keep us in the illusion of being separate from one another. It has so many layers of possibility and consciousness to be made aware of.

The only purpose we truly have is to lift our vibration into JOY, PEACE and LOVE.  Today I will just share a short message from God I received many moons ago.

Dearest Children

Be Peace,
Live Peace
Love Peace
That is all I ask

From book “Prayers to awaken peace and love.”

Many Blessings

Maria Kramer

One Comment on “Easter Blessings

  1. Hey Maria this is a wonderful reminder of our “simple” existence. Love IS the answer. (The Beatles were so correct after all ) ! Happy Easter blessings back to you Sincerely Colleen (in Georgia)

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