The Springing of Springing in to Spring

Hello Beloved Beautiful Soul,

Happy Joyous Spring to you! It is the time of Awakening from the wintery slumber and restful introspection. This week is the official week that marks the arrival of Spring as the Spring Equinox occurred the last two days. The season of infinite JOY of Creationism.

What is the Spring equinox?  ~  How does it affect me? ~ What gifts does it offer?

Equinoxes happen when the Sun crosses over the equator and as it does, it signifies a halfway point between summer and winter as day and night are of equal length.  It is one of four  beautiful seasonal astronomical events that impacts earth and earthlings each and every year. For those in the Northern hemisphere this week  celebrates initiates the season of  Spring and in the Southern hemisphere the season of Fall. Many people all over the world gather and celebrate the Sun as it gets stronger, rising higher into the sky as well as ancient Gods and Goddesses related with fertility.

The Spring Equinox initiates the birthing of newness. It begins the season of planting new crops, grass and flowers bursting through the soil, trees beginning to bud, birds coupling, nesting and raising new chicks.

Living in a bird sanctuary in Florida, we are incredibly blessed with witnessing the nesting and raising of Great blue Herons only meters from us. The last few days the chicks, now about 2 months old, are for the first time attempting to walk/fly /wobble our of their nest gaining their courage and independence little by little.

spring equinoxIt is a time of  amazing, beautiful reverent, delicious Re~Birth for all beings as well as our glorious beloved planet Gaia. How it affects us as Human beings is that we are often compelled to take stock and review where we are at.  Renewed energy is beginning to pour through our energy fields and physical bodies. After the long  winter and hibernation for many, it is a time to come out of the cave, stretch and see the world with new eyes and allow the birthing of new creative juices to flow.

We often thing of Spring as Spring Cleaning time and the first thing we think of, is our houses and de-cluttring of material items associated with this time of year.  In this area we often look at what we no longer use or is broken, so we can release it out of our lives. It is also physical deep cleaning of nooks and crannies we might not always get to such as windows, blinds, air ducts, cars, etc. Simple ideas for Spring cleaning can be many fold.

On a physical body level ask your body how can you support it in functioning at a higher level? Remember,  as we are raising our consciousness to function from a different vibration, many of the foods that used to nourish us are now toxic for our bodies and the system cannot digest and assimilate it. It is vitally important to up the intake of clean pure water and stay hydrated. Often what you think is hunger is actually your brain and cells thirsting for liquid nourishment.

What food can you nourish it with?  Perhaps a detox, juice fast is a great way to rebirth the body complex. What foods would it be a great idea to stop ingesting?  Have you ever talked to your body as your ultimate best friend?  How about building a new best friend relationship with your body vehicle?  An amazing way to work with your body is talking to it as your best friend. Ask it questions, listen for the answers. Our body responds to the intelligence that directs it. How would you treat your body if you viewed it as a Church, Temple, Synagogue, Mosque and beloved  brother or sister ?  

Here is are fun questions to ask the body complex.

Beloved angel body, how may I serve you today in feeling 100% vibrant,
joyful, pain free and inspired?

Dear Body what is wanted at this moment?

Dear Body what would love to eat or drink in this moment?

Dear Body how can I love you in a way that blesses us in living in true communion and harmony in Love an joy?  

Stop and listen. All the answers are within you. You might be amazed at the transformation and birthing of a new you  by talking to your body? It will tell you all it needs. How about you tell it your needs and wants?

heartofloveIn our mental department,  what fear based negative and lower vibrational victim and  lack consciousness, judgmental, powerless thoughts,  beliefs and concepts is it time to release, clean out, put in the garbage so you can claim a new truth and re~birth the true empowered authentic, shiny, sunny, joyous, loving, peace~filled YOU?  

Is it time to give yourself permission to be who you are and released yourself from codependent,  tribal, family, familiar, giving your power away consciousness ?

Is it time to be able to look a yourself in the mirror and truly be able to say I LOVE YOU!  


What if this is the moment where YOU allow yourself to return to thought programs that build you up instead of building tearing you down? I specifically said return to because that is our true nature. The tearing down ones are a learned program.

Is it time to extract from Group mind and claim the Sovereign Self~loving program?

Emotionally, the best way to birth forth spaciousness, peace, alivement is connecting with what brings you JOY. If you are feeling pain based emotions arise  allow yourself to sit and BE Present the emotion and feel it fully in all it’s glory. The only way out of emotions is the way in and through it and it resolves like fairy dust. Give yourself permission to declutter and empty yourself of your history of stories that are attached to the pain based emotions.  Then reach for the next emotion that feels better.

Here is a sentence I have used for almost 20 years now and it works….. In this moment I choose peace instead of………

Rebirthing ourselves Spiritually is a glorious journey that when filled with tenacity is a most blessed walk through our life on Gaia. Perhaps this is the time for deeper inquiry into who and what you are and what your purpose is at this time. Perhaps your purpose is changing and there is a new path just emerging as you keep planting one foot in front of the other on your daily walk.

How can I feel more connected to all things and people?

What does it mean to live in Sacred relationship with Self and others?  

Who am I?    

Why am I here?    

What is my Purpose?  

Do you have a Spiritual practice you have gotten lazy with or away from? Has the invitation from Spirit arrived for you to accept deepening into the Sacredness and Sacred Relationship with the All in the Oneness with all?  Are you an energy/light worker who have forgotten to enter into communion with the Divine daily and gift yourself the precious gift of Loving SELF CARE?  One common guideline for all Faiths, Energy Healing Practices, Meditation Practices, Emergency Procedures in airplanes, is  to take care of ourselves first and then others. Not quite how most of us function in the world.


“I Bow to Myself and The Divine within” Photo Copyright Maria Kramer

The most loving thing we can ever do is practice Spiritual Selfishness, which is place ourselves and the Divine first in our lives and commune with Source in which ever way  brings us greater inner peace, self love and boundless joy.  It is imperative for us choose to keep our eyes peeled at the Divine at all time for in this inner connection we discover and know TRUTH and then all the outer illusionary chaos has no meaning.

Here is a wonderful opportunity for you.  Say this to yourself as often as you can. Write in on Stickers and place them everywhere to remind you.

I AM a Miracle.
I AM a Miracle in Action
I AM a Miracle in service
In this moment I Love myself
In this moment I Trust myself
In this moment I Bless myself
In this moment I Thank myself
In this moment I Revere myself
In this moment I Accept myself
In this moment I adore myself
In this moment I truly see who I AM
In this moment I release all resistance to what is
In this moment I BE ME
In this moment I surrender to the ocean of JOY that I AM

I wish you a continued Magical March

May it be filled with you discovering the Miracle YOU are and so therefore experience the worlds miracles enveloping you in all ways.

Beloved one, Know the Love you are and you will never need to seek love outside of you again.

Maria L’Aria Raa

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