Retro Dance with Mercury

Hello Beloved ones,

Welcome to an amazing awakening April where we are once again experiencing many planetary retrogrades simultaneously. Are we having fun yet? 🙂 Are you ready to dance a little dance with Mercury which went into retrograde today and will go direct on May 3. We pretty much are in a phase of being asked: “may I have this dance” for the whole month of April. Other planets that are “retrograding” are Venus, Saturn and Jupiter and Pluto will on April 19.

Retrograde is just when Planets seem to be going in reverse although they are not. Mercury rules communication, electronics, computers, travel, purchases as well as all types of communication, including listening, speaking, reading, writing, negotiating, selling, and buying. Over the years I have noticed things are a bit slower and “do overs” a couple times or three are typical as Mercury is in a “slowed down rest state”.

Whether we are aware if it or not all the planets do have an effect on us as we are all connected in ways beyond our conscious comprehension. Venus affects Relationships and therefore you may have already observed some challenges in that department. Saturn rules our calendars and event planning, so do not be surprised if you are experiencing changes or delays in projects. Jupiter influences our dreams, desires and goals. During a retrograde it is supportive to spend more time in introspection to gain greater awareness on the inner planes as spiritual growth is necessary for our hopes, desires, ideas and dreams to materialize. A Pluto retrograde gifts a time of reflection about power and control in your life. Ask your self If people have been controlling or manipulating you then now might be a good time to let them go. If you yourself have been too controlling of others or situations then it is time to let that pattern and habit go.

dancing gorlThe main theme for April as we “Retro” is RESET. Re-boot. It as an extraordinary month to go within and look at where in your life is a reset a good idea. Perhaps in all parts major overhaul, health, work, relationships, finances. Maybe getting back to eating healthier, going on a detox, going for walks, self-love, put yourself first, (when was the last time you did that?)  get back to or start a meditation and spiritual practice, listening more than speaking, spend time in nature, take a break form social media, releasing the mind and step deeper into being. It is also a great time for completing projects left undone. They often drain our energy so if there is any unfinished business now is a good time to finish it.

The key to dancing the joyous Mercury dance or any of the planetary retro dances is to develop greater levels of patience, compassion, let go of attachments; to any agenda, any things and persons. Go with the flow, ask for help from the benevolent ones, whoever you are connected with. It other words you cannot lead this dance. Let go and surrender. Release judgement. Let yourself be lead by the effortlessness of being in sink with the energies from your soul heart and not from the human self that might get frustrated, if “it” is not happening as you desire, whatever “it” is.

deepakchopraThis year is April has many religious holidays are celebrated the first couple of weeks. Family get togethers, lots of travel in air or by car. Become the witness and observe what is unfolding without getting tangled up in life. Remember conversations can be interesting this month as communications might experience  some mishaps. It is a wonderful time to ask yourself, where and how in my life can I be more connected to Source and my inner Self? Not just on this one holy day or holy week, but rather everyday all year round. Here is a great way to open to being more in the flow and live in soul hearted way. in communion with all of life.

Ask yourself, love ones, coworkers, friends, strangers, Source, God and Angels:

“What can I do today to make my day better.”  “What can I do today to make your day better.”   “How can I make (my) your day better.” 

What ever the response is take the opportunity and do it. It will create miracles in your life.

No matter what happens a great way to move through challenge is to place your hand on your heart. Say “Thank you and breathe.” Remember this too shall pass if you get stepped on your foot in the dance.

Enjoy the Retro Dance and don’t take it so seriously. Have fun, laugh a lot, don’t take anything personally and be with light heart.
Infinite Blessings from my heart to yours
Maria L’Aria Raa

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