New Cycle of Light

Hello Beautiful Soul

Blessings on a glorious FREEDOM-FULL day!!! 

May Angel Faith bless you with the unstoppable Faith you need to step forward into the unknown possibilities of new cycle of  delicious expansion that are waiting for you to enjoy.

Remember who you are 🙂 You are a glorious being of energy in motion that is born out of the enormous creation energy of source that is constantly eternally infinitely expanding. Your divine intelligence is love is light. If you are feeling anything other than that you are not living as authentic true Self.  

We are in the last week of Mercury retrograde and a new moon cycle has begun a few days ago. We are invited to look within and become aware of how we want to birth this new cycle of light within ourselves. Seed planting time, not just in our food and flower gardens but also in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual gardens. It is time to weed out the negativity plants of lack, fear, separation and enter a new paradigm that is waiting for you to come play in. Step out of the fear drama model and into the love evolution model of glorious possibility, peace, joy and harmony. We are magnificent magnetic beings and what our inner consciousness emits we call to us through our magnetic energy field. So as we change our inner view, our outer view changes as well. 

Here are a few wonderful ways to invite you to move forward and experience true freedom and BE untethered to fear based consciousness.

Think of a recent situation in your life and how it perhaps was handled with some fear, anger. Allow yourself to view it from a different larger perspective of love and wholeness and notice how you might address the situation differently. Open yourself to new points of view even if that do not fit the mold of the past. 

I invite you to commit to 8 days of choosing to BE LOVE  and LIGHT no matter what you are facing. Completely free of judgment. Can you hold the space as the the divine angel you are and allow the fear based self to begin to dissolve and relax and let go. If judgment appears and it will, forgive yourself and love that too. The key is to love all as it shows up. That is one of the secrets to true transformation and creating a new cycle of light. For things to change we have to change. Notice how your life is expressing it self. If we want things to be different that they are true change can only begin with ourselves. Each of us truly are the ones we have been waiting for. Are you ready to step up? 🙂 Only you can nourish and give yourself that which you so desire from the external.

“Go within and you will never ever go without.”  

sourceflowQuick Morning and anytime Meditation: Begin your day with feeling into your heart. Envision your heart connected to source energy that is flooding you with unconditional love. Perhaps a see in your heart a fountain or a glorious flame that is expanding with pure pink golden energy of love consciousness. as you use your breath inhale more and more energy into your beings allowing the flame or fountaining, expanding and growing. See it fill your body and flood into your energy field filling it with pink golden love light breathing it out in your energy field bubble. Feel it intending protecting and blessing you and all it comes in contact with throughout the entire day. expand it to fill and envelop the room you are in, then your entire home or apartment, then your property or apartment complex. Feel, sense, see this love ball energy field shine a light in front of you like a flashlight clearing your path blessing all in it’s path. Tune into this as you move through your day. Call to your heart light. Let it bless you with peace, joy and more divine exquisite bliss love than you can imagine. 

I AM Love – I AM Light – I AM Loving – I AM love in action – I choose to remember my truth as the light of love I AM – I love all – 

PS If you feel you are short of time you can even do this in the shower or on potty. 🙂 Have fun and let it be light. Let it be joyous as you claim a new cycle of light for you in your life. 


Maria L’Aria Raa

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