May Miracles

Blessing Beloved one,

May May bless you with Love, Serenity and Balance. We have entered the month of the Crown Chakra opening fully on the journey of journeys. The month of spiritual tenacity  has birthed an invitation to lift into soulbased consciousness of fully being connected to all that is and release the remaining fear based ego attachments  to the illusion of separation. Are you ready to live from your heart of love and unity flowing on the river current of truth and wanting to be peace or are you still needing to be right  and not ready to relinquish the attachments of the ego. Either way is fine, however one flows more easily than the other. Are you ready to live drama free or are you enjoying the drama chaos of one world experience?  Only you have the answer. 

Miracle sentence stem: When I contemplate living from the heart I feel……………….

Blessings and love



Earth Action Message from Angels

Namasté Beloved one

On earth day I was again pondering how we all can bring more awareness to living as guests on mother Gaia and I am becoming acutely aware of how unconscious we are treating her. As I have been feeling more connected to the other lifeforms that live with us wether we are able to see them or not. So I asked Angels Ariel and Zadkiel this question before entering meditation:

“What do I /we as a visitor on this planet need to know about being a better custodian and care taker of this Earth planet?”

“What action(s) can I take this day to be more loving both to myself and others whether human beings, animals, earth, air, water.”

Here is their sweet answer. Enjoy.

Hello Beloved one,

It is we Zadkariel. ( Ariel and Zadkiel were giggling as they said this knowing I would understand their sense of humor) Sweet angels of love. It is so simple. The most important and greatest impact in wholing the earth and caring for her is raising your vibration to living love from your heart of eternal peace Divine Soul Presence. Remember you are all connected as one. The plants, animals, air, water.

The external environment reflect the inner conflict in each of you ads you have learned to focus on fear, lack, separation through the energy and process of judgement. The only way is to Be Love in Action. Love yourselves. Be compassionate Love in Action at ALL times. This is me. See yourself in ALL and ALL in you. Unplug from duality consciousness. Unplug from fear. Disconnect the crusted barnacled beliefs in ruling through power over others for self gratification.

Become the Masters of spiritual self Mastery of knowing, claiming, choosing to know the truth at ALL times. We invite you to use the WAG Compassion process as often as you choose. It is a powerful way to heal yourselves and the world and raise consciousness and vibration. Choose to ACT loving towards everyone and everything. Live through reflective reverent remembrance of the Garden of Eden that you have the opportunity to build anew, where all beings, live in harmony in a lush, abundant world.

earth_motherGaze at the flowers, the trees, beach, mountains, earth, leaves, soil, grass, your pets. Touch it with your fingers, Caress it with your hands, Earthing… Yes… the word you use these days. Earthing… Very important. Take off your shoes, walk upon the earth, feel the grass, the sand, the soil, the water. with the soles of your feet touching the earth. For you to feel connecting to Beloved Gaia and increase your feeling being. Feel the Earth through the So(u)ls of your feet is very important. Your feet is the gateway to the connection of Mother Earth to your heart. Shoes disconnect your Union. Walk slow, let the soles kiss the ground with every step. Walk in awareness, presence.

You use much machinery to care for the earth, which are magnificent creations to lighten your work. Movers, blowers, tractors, trimmers, cultivators, weeders. They are creative inventions. We invite you to give them a rest and tend to the gardens with your hands. Feel the earth with the soles, toes, fingers and hands. Let the soil sift through your fingers. Notice all the insect life it is filled with. Talk to the fairies, devas that care for your gardens so tirelessly. Feel the grass, the flower, the clover, the dandelion. Get close with it. As you fell more connected to the earth and all lifeforms your love expands.

Sit. Be still. Soak up the warm rays of the sun. Sun gaze at sunset and sunrise. Plant fruit and vegetables, tend daily to your personal gardens and feel sense see your connection grow. Let go of dualistic fear based beliefs and send love to yourselves. As you return to wholeness, harmony, peace and love you will emanate that through your energy field and it will impact many beings and the earth and all environments you touch.

The simplest and easiest way to be a better custodian is delete the habit of judgement fall away! Judgement creates duality and limitation, pain and suffering is born. Imagine you are Mother Earth. How would you like the two legged visitors to act and live? Feel what it would be like to experience how we treat her now and how you would feel if you were more present, aware, appreciated, acted in a loving way. Living with her instead of on her.

We find it funny how humans often talk about mother earth in third person as if she is not present. Much like you often will talk third person about someone in the same room as you. Hilarious it is to see! We invite you to talk to her to tell her how you love her. I love you. Bless Earth. Bless Gaia. Bless me. Listen for any messages she wants to share with you!! Practice the Living Ank.  Spend 1-2 hours out doors in sunlight daily.

chrystal-childWe invite you to remove the time pieces you wear on your wrists. Live in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. Return to remember the natural Divine time. Feel the day flow through the movement of the sun across the sky. Dance in the rain. Revel in the abundant bloomings of creation of nature. Watch and commune with the night sky. Be in awe of the life all around you. Beyond the earth, the planets and other star systems. The life in the galaxy and all the universes.

Give yourself permission to feel the Uniting of all lifestreams ands lifeforms. Focus on how you can BE love, light, peace, joy, Withdraw your distractions of focus on others. You will feel greater peace and harmony. It will help you become divinely inspired in how else we can live love in action with the blue planet of love in abundant harmony, balance and reverence with all thing.

We are complete for now

We love you.

Archangels Arial & Zadkiel ( Zadkariel)

Through Maria Kramer (c)

April Awe~Inspired Angelic Action

Today I celebrate 13 year anniversary of beginning my awe inspired journey with the angels. I knew in my full being that my life had just changed direction  when I received the Attunement and practiced the Heartlink® process. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my life to be what it is today

I am in awe of witnessing and allowing the unfolding of the divine plan for my soul’s purpose as i walk with each new step.

On our soul’s path of opening and remembering our purpose there is no logic, rhyme or reason. It is glittered with glistening pebbles of inspiration, soul inspired guidance and wisdom to light the way towards the fulfillment of our journey on this beloved planet Gaia. It is filled with infinite joy, spiritual tenacity, tests, great inner peace of knowing as we listen to the Divine for guidance. For me it has been the communication with beloved Archangel Ariel, other angels. Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba.

On this 21st day of April I find myself birthing a new beginning once again as a labor of love project for months building my second website myself is fully operational and live.

For me walking with the angels and diving into living the IET vision using all the processes Angel Ariel has gifted us, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share it with others either via private sessions or teaching others how to become empowered and walk awhile on their spiritual  path with to support them in living their souls purpose is indeed an ineffable experience and I truly walk in AWE  as I think back over the last 13 years, the growth, guidance form the angels, the creativity they inspire me to create in ways I never imagined. The loving, patient space they hold for us nudging and encouraging us on own way. The souls that gather. The freedom they gift us as we release the limitations and foundations and structures that no longer serve us.

It truly is a blessing when we able to do what we love and have what I call job security in knowing the Divine and angels will  always supply every we need and there is more than enough to do every day. I find it fascinating when we align with and surrender to our purpose how everything falls into place smoothly and effortlessly. There is a natural flow to the day when we get out of our own way as see release our fears and insecurities. It is a constant process of choosing to let go of the limitations and open to the possibilities. It is the energy of “letting go and letting God” direct our lives. Not easy to do, however, not as hard as you think. I see it as juts a choice. Surrender is probably the greets gift we can ever offer ourselves.

I invite you to connect with…………When I think of awe and inspired action from my soul I ……….

Please enjoy this Prayer and I trust it will inspire you as it does me.

“In This Moment”
The Integrated Energy Therapy® Vision

In this moment, I will love rather than judge. In this moment,
I will build rather than destroy.
In this moment, I will look to God, rather than to other people, for approval and direction.
In this moment, I will change because I want to, not because I need to.
In this moment, I will realize my power, rather than blame other people for their actions.
In this moment, I will experience the joy of God’s plan, rather than the pain of my plan.
In this moment, I will see the possibilities, rather than the difficulties.
In this moment, I will serve others, rather than serve myself.
In this moment, there is Heaven on Earth.

Channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan J. Thayer
(c) 2001, The Center of Being, Inc.

Many Blessings

April Awakening Awareness

Blessings beloved one,

Awareness. Oh sweet Awareness. 🙂  This is a wast topic I could share on that has many levels and depths. I will make this as simple as possible and offer you ways to live with greater awareness in your day to day lives.

“It is your awareness that brings you change not your effort.” Osho

To be aware is to see and recognize Truth. Awareness brings to light all we have shoved under the carpet and forgotten about or did not want to attend to or could not at the time. Awareness is the door that opens us to see the world through a bigger lens. It sheds the light on when we are acting from ego and lifts us into a state of consciousness where we become the witness as well as the actor/player on the stage of life at the same time. Through awareness we are the observers and the observed, the actor and director at the same time. It brings the gift of being able to “catch” ourselves in a thought or action, behavior that is fear based, so we can change it. How many times do we do something out of habit and feel frustrated after the fact, ” oh I did it again !”  We are on autopilot. Awareness brings the unconscious conscious. It brings greater ease to making change from a space of understanding and allows us to make new conscious choices.

Awareness lets us recognize that we are the creators of our life and experiences and how we operate from fear or love. Awareness is a flashlight shining bright in a dark cave of an unconscious fear based operating system so that you can see clearly what is here and change the programing, perception, behavior, thought and implement a new one. We cannot change anything without awareness, which can be applied on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

“Awareness is THE tool to awakening to truth.” Maria Kramer

Physical: Be still…. become aware of your breathing body, Feel the blood pumping though the veins. Hear your cells sing. Feel any pains?  As you become aware if pain is present; ask what it wants. What is needed?  Become aware of your sounds, smells air, around you. Listen.:)

Emotional: What are you feeling?  Become aware of the emotions you are experiencing on a regular basis. What and how do you react to situations around you on a regular basis?  When are you being triggered and begin to notice patterns.

Mental: Become aware of common habitual thought. limiting beliefs you have. Addiction, behaviors. This is an easy one. When you feel upset or react on auto pilot many often open the refrigerator/ freezer kitchen cabinet door to reach for something soothing whatever that is for you, chips, cake, cookies, wine, beer, ice-cream. Perhaps when someone uses words to pull you down you freeze and the words just don’t come out of your mouth or you spew the out in anger without thinking, being reactive instead of responsive. Perhaps you find yourself in abusive situations over and over again.  When we become aware of the pattern we literally will experience an “AHA” moment and little by little you will be able to change it and choose something different.

Spiritual: Awareness will show us when we operate from ego and when from soul. We are able to see the bigger picture if you will and grow a deeper understanding of truth and realize this is just a play and an experience and not take life so seriously. It gifts us the knowing we are spiritual beings having an extraordinary experience through a physical vessel so that out soul can grow spiritually.


Awareness helps us move from ego victim consciousness into empowered soul living realizing we are co~creators of ALL our experiences and that is a key in the healing process. Awareness is the gateway to knowing truth.

Here is an exercise for the day you may wish to play and have fun with:

I invite you to think of a situation, thought you are being challenged with or want to change. Grab a pen and paper,  place your hand on heart, take a few deep breaths and finish writing this sentence

Today I choose to become aware that…………….

I open my mind and being to allow awareness to fell me and help me see the truth about………….

Awareness is the window through which we can see clearly when we are operating from human ego self or through the Authentic soul Self so we can bring healing to our wounds and lack of love.

Here is a prayer that  came forth this morning:

“Dearest Angels, God, Guides Source of love of all that is. Shine your light of love on my path that I may walk in Awareness at every moment. Awareness to know instantly when I am in alignment with truth and when I am not. Awareness of when I live from fear so I can become crystal clear learn the lesson and and walk forward in love.” 

Let me know this will help you in your life.

Blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove ❤ 🙂 ❤

Maria L’Aria Raa

April Awakenings through Appreciation

As i was contemplating the amazing gifts that the month of April brings in so many ways, i wanted to share these ideas and thoughts I am implementing and having fun with as I trust you will find them delightful and empowering as well.

I  came up with 17 words to lift out vibration into love. Why 17 you might ask. Well the number 17 is very sacred as it blesses us with connecting to the divine through the 1+7=8, Eight bringing us through the sacred geometric symbol of the infinity sign in connection with out spirit and soul.

The second thing I connected with is what 17 things begin with the letter A that can offer us gifts to awaken to our truth this month I will share on all in order as I am guided. 🙂

1. Appreciation 2. Awe 3. Allowing 4. Awareness 5. Acceptance 6. Adventurous 7. Affluence 8. Abundance 9. Angelic 10. Adoration 11. Authentic 12. Affectionate 13. Alive 14. Amazed 15. Action 16. Attraction 17. Ample

So we start with Appreciation. The energy of appreciation is key to lifting into a higher vibration to be more in the flow of the current of all good things in live. according to the dictionary it means “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”

“Appreciation = love in action.” Maria Kramer

We are familiar with Teacher appreciation days. There are so many ways to offer appreciation. As my intent is to guide others to awaken to living more self-love, I wondered how often do we appreciate our selves and others. How can we create living a mindful day of appreciation all day long? We could focus on what we  appreciate in yourselves, other people, nature, work, things, the food we eat. I am referring to the deep inner recognition that we are already perfect and whole and appreciate the beautiful self, we are as well as a flower, sunset, painting, delightfully  displayed food on a plate.

It is a different vibration than gratitude. Gratitude is often offered for things of the past, situations we have grown from, people we have learned from, our clothes and shelter etc. Gratitude raises out vibration out of the fear anger loop. It is to me more the energy of having something and appreciation about being. Appreciation is of the present moment and has a lightness of energy to it. It feels to me effervescent. I actually feel a buzzing in my being when I use the word. When we offer appreciation we in essence are remembering our truth as perfect divine beings. When we appreciate we are actually expressing pure love at its core. Another way of saying I love you. I love me. I am feeling the energy of love welling up within me and filling me as I connect with what I am appreciating.

Gift yourself this exercise and say out loud “I am so grateful for………”  and then” I so appreciate……….” and notice how it feels to say both. I want you to just feel how they each feel in your body without the mind interfering. Become aware. There is a subtle nuance you might find delightful.


I feel the most challenging for us is to find something to appreciate in our selves especially because we have learned to judge ourselves brilliantly through living in a world of comparison. Gift yourself a couple of expansion exercises and say out loud or write down like a gratitude journal 17 things or ways you appreciate yourself…love yourself…. It could be as simple as, I appreciate my big smile, my strong legs, my open heart, kindness to small animals, my deep breaths, my ability to feel compassion, my courage to show up on this planet and have the experience I am,  my connection to the Divine and the angels….etc.   really feel it from your heart. You may even hold one hand on the heart as you go through this experience.

If you find difficulty in appreciating yourself and that happens, start by where you are and perhaps say and or write … “I appreciate my ability to be honest, authentic and have the courage to say it like it is.

Next do the same with 17 people you appreciate and say and/or write down their name and what you appreciate in them. You may even feel compelled to write some of them a letter. Take it one step further and write what you appreciate in nature. Then extend it to every morsel of food you ingest and drink and as it flows through you, feel the appreciation of this nourishment fill you to overflowing. Slow down the chewing and allow yourself to feel every nuance and flavor as you eat and drink.

Have fun lifting into appreciation for all that you are all that is. Try it you might like it! Let me know how your experience is. I truly appreciate the opportunity to write this and trust that it will reignite or fan the flame of Divine love in you.

Blessings and appreciation hugs of lovelovelove to you. 🙂


April Easter Message from Jesus

Beloved ones,

I am inspired to include the message that came through with Yeshua.  May this April bring you wonderful awakenings of truth and lift you into higher love.

A message from Jesus

Beloved brothers and sisters of God. As the month of April has arrived and the tradition of Easter as well so has the yearly remembrance of the Crucifixion and my “death.” I invite you to release the transfixing and obsession with the energy of death, pain, suffering and judgment that has been the focus of my remembrance for eons of time. The more that event is worshiped, the more the energy of judgment and separation is kept alive and humanity has become just as judgmental as those from that time. The worshiping of my death was never intended. It was to simply show I AM not affected by the judgments as I AM not the body and there is no death. The Resurrection and “disappearance”,”disolvement” of my body was to show I am as eternal as the ONE that created me and the body is only an energetic hologram.

Gift yourself beloved brothers and sisters to Resurrect yourselves into the light of love where I AM and embrace and focus on my teachings and as I lived. That is the gift and the purpose for you to be as me. We are one. Receive the gift God gave you through me. What I AM, Who I AM you are too as you choose to live as I live.

Release the judgments beloved ones, Forgive, and love deeper than you have ever loved before. Especially yourselves. Through judgment many continually crucify themselves daily and so the separation through guilt expands and weigh heavily on your mind, emotions and bodies. Gift yourselves the most precious of all gifts and lift yourself off your own crosses and choose LOVE.

The only true life that exists as there is no life outside of each Present moment of LOVE. I will meet you sweet ones in the Heart of LOVE for I AM you…. You are ME …..and WE are ONE!

Through Maria Kramer 4/11/14

Makeover March

Blessings sweet ones,

Yippiii  March is creating makeovers everywhere externally and I fell internally in many ways as well. The past week has offered us in the Northeast much joy and change in the weather and hence our daily lives from a long winter’s cold, snow and ice that blanketed our land. The absolute joy of watching the daffodils and crocuses beginning to burst forth push through the ground is truly inspiring. The sun warms the face and body as I clean the leaves in the yard now the snow is almost melted. Still some ice left where the sun never reaches.  Birds of all colors wait patiently in unity for their turn at the feeder. It is fun to watch who ventures out first and they all follow courageously along. Some are leaders some are followers, just like the two legged humans.  

As we just entered the season of Spring this past weekend as well as many celebrated Persian New Year Nowruz at the same time. I learned a new tradition I wanted to share with you as it fits right in with what this season is about and the makeover theme. Since my parents lived in Iran being stationed there for work many years ago and their experience held many sweet and joyful memories I have an affinity for this culture and country,

One of the customs in preparation for the 13 day long Celebration is along with Spring cleaning the house, clothes, give away and let go of old out worn items and clothes to make room for the new is an inner spring cleaning of mutual forgiveness. Yes!!!  Forgiveness of others and of self. To make clean slate, new future without past grudges and  resentments. Forgiveness is like a way of declaring “I chose to love rather than judge.” “I choose to be in unity and collaboration instead of separation and needing to be right.”  “I am letting go of my perceived victimization and choosing to unplug from the past so I can be present here in the now.” ACIM says that all situations are opportunities for forgiveness as forgiveness only is the tool to offer  Forgiveness is a way to release if the hope that the past would ever have been any different.

Think of grudges, angers, bitterness and resentments as the dead leaves, dog poop ( yes I know many of you have dogs like I do and “it was a hoot” cleaning it up this year in stages as the ice and snow melted, wasn’t it?) and rotten food in an old garbage can or left on ground under all the snow and ice this winter. Think of the garbage bags on streets piling up during a sanitation department strike. You remember those years ago don’t you?  That is what those emotions do to our bodies, minds and relations. 

What does it look like?

what does it smell like?

What does it feel like if you touch it?

What is your beliefs around it?

What is the one thing that you have been unwilling to forgive yourself or someone else for?

Not so pretty is it?   The emotions not the dog poop! 🙂

Are you ready to Spring clean, declutter on all levels? Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual,

Here are some ideas you might like to implement that works for me.

On a physical level I find going on a Feasting cleanse of raw food juicing to be extraordinarily joyful and energizing at this time. There are many great programs I will share mine more in following posts.  Currently I am juicing and doing a mix of Wholefood pharmacy 13 day liquithon  and Juice plus+ complete drinks with green drinks mixed in. I follow what my body craves and the more GREEN I put in it the better it feels especially after all the deliciously warm and heavy foods this winter. Water hydrations is very important too. 

On an emotional/mental level release the grudges, angers, bitterness  through forgiveness.  You miight like a release statement as this while holding your hand on your heart:

Forgiveness of others: “I now unconditionally forgive and release______________ for _______________. They did the best they knew how given their state of consciousness at the time.

Forgiveness of self: ” I now unconditionally forgive and release_( say your name) _____________ for _______________. I did the best I knew how given my state of consciousness at the time.

You may even ask others for their forgiveness either in person or in thought, write a letter and burn it. 

Offer Gratitude, Thanks and Love

If you have learned energy processes to clear your energy body use them. Give yourself a DAILY gift of Reki, IET® EFT, TAT, TFT, Avesa, Access daily. Clear your fields, they can be as cobwebs filled with limitations and lower vibrations pulling you down.

Spiritually enter into meditation and fill your Being and mind with love and light in communion with Source/God/Divine Creator. Let yourself be filled with peace and let that which is not peace be release out. Breathe in Peace. Breathe out that which is not. 

May you know the beautiful love filled soul you are and that all is well. 

Infinite blessings of joy and lovelovelove,

from my heart to yours

❤ ❤ ❤

Maria L’Aria Kramer

Sacred Presence of the Fall.

Blessings to you on this glorious  Fall day as the colors of the trees seem to greet us abundantly and the leaves cling to the branches for just a little while longer before falling softly to the ground landing exactly where it was meant to without any struggle at all. I always am in awe at the graciousness, flexibility and gong with the flow that nature exhibits and teaches us throughout the various seasons.

As many are gearing up for the coming holidays it is also an amazing time to connect with nature and be present to the magic and beauty that surround us. Gift your self  with being present with the abundance of nature around you. Stop Breathe and take a moment to be still in the midst of your hurrying and scurrying.

Behold a leaf as it effortlessly float through the air on the gentle wind til it lands on the soil in front of you.

Observe the Squirrels busily collecting their provisions for the winter months ahead as they balance on the electrical lines and branches on trees.

The stars are brilliant at night.  Look up and see the diamonds sparkling in the night waiting for you to enjoy them.

Presence brings us into the peace of our true being and releases the never-ending mind chatter in our head.  Try it you might like it.