Makeover March

Blessings sweet ones,

Yippiii  March is creating makeovers everywhere externally and I fell internally in many ways as well. The past week has offered us in the Northeast much joy and change in the weather and hence our daily lives from a long winter’s cold, snow and ice that blanketed our land. The absolute joy of watching the daffodils and crocuses beginning to burst forth push through the ground is truly inspiring. The sun warms the face and body as I clean the leaves in the yard now the snow is almost melted. Still some ice left where the sun never reaches.  Birds of all colors wait patiently in unity for their turn at the feeder. It is fun to watch who ventures out first and they all follow courageously along. Some are leaders some are followers, just like the two legged humans.  

As we just entered the season of Spring this past weekend as well as many celebrated Persian New Year Nowruz at the same time. I learned a new tradition I wanted to share with you as it fits right in with what this season is about and the makeover theme. Since my parents lived in Iran being stationed there for work many years ago and their experience held many sweet and joyful memories I have an affinity for this culture and country,

One of the customs in preparation for the 13 day long Celebration is along with Spring cleaning the house, clothes, give away and let go of old out worn items and clothes to make room for the new is an inner spring cleaning of mutual forgiveness. Yes!!!  Forgiveness of others and of self. To make clean slate, new future without past grudges and  resentments. Forgiveness is like a way of declaring “I chose to love rather than judge.” “I choose to be in unity and collaboration instead of separation and needing to be right.”  “I am letting go of my perceived victimization and choosing to unplug from the past so I can be present here in the now.” ACIM says that all situations are opportunities for forgiveness as forgiveness only is the tool to offer  Forgiveness is a way to release if the hope that the past would ever have been any different.

Think of grudges, angers, bitterness and resentments as the dead leaves, dog poop ( yes I know many of you have dogs like I do and “it was a hoot” cleaning it up this year in stages as the ice and snow melted, wasn’t it?) and rotten food in an old garbage can or left on ground under all the snow and ice this winter. Think of the garbage bags on streets piling up during a sanitation department strike. You remember those years ago don’t you?  That is what those emotions do to our bodies, minds and relations. 

What does it look like?

what does it smell like?

What does it feel like if you touch it?

What is your beliefs around it?

What is the one thing that you have been unwilling to forgive yourself or someone else for?

Not so pretty is it?   The emotions not the dog poop! 🙂

Are you ready to Spring clean, declutter on all levels? Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual,

Here are some ideas you might like to implement that works for me.

On a physical level I find going on a Feasting cleanse of raw food juicing to be extraordinarily joyful and energizing at this time. There are many great programs I will share mine more in following posts.  Currently I am juicing and doing a mix of Wholefood pharmacy 13 day liquithon  and Juice plus+ complete drinks with green drinks mixed in. I follow what my body craves and the more GREEN I put in it the better it feels especially after all the deliciously warm and heavy foods this winter. Water hydrations is very important too. 

On an emotional/mental level release the grudges, angers, bitterness  through forgiveness.  You miight like a release statement as this while holding your hand on your heart:

Forgiveness of others: “I now unconditionally forgive and release______________ for _______________. They did the best they knew how given their state of consciousness at the time.

Forgiveness of self: ” I now unconditionally forgive and release_( say your name) _____________ for _______________. I did the best I knew how given my state of consciousness at the time.

You may even ask others for their forgiveness either in person or in thought, write a letter and burn it. 

Offer Gratitude, Thanks and Love

If you have learned energy processes to clear your energy body use them. Give yourself a DAILY gift of Reki, IET® EFT, TAT, TFT, Avesa, Access daily. Clear your fields, they can be as cobwebs filled with limitations and lower vibrations pulling you down.

Spiritually enter into meditation and fill your Being and mind with love and light in communion with Source/God/Divine Creator. Let yourself be filled with peace and let that which is not peace be release out. Breathe in Peace. Breathe out that which is not. 

May you know the beautiful love filled soul you are and that all is well. 

Infinite blessings of joy and lovelovelove,

from my heart to yours

❤ ❤ ❤

Maria L’Aria Kramer

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