April Easter Message from Jesus

Beloved ones,

I am inspired to include the message that came through with Yeshua.  May this April bring you wonderful awakenings of truth and lift you into higher love.

A message from Jesus

Beloved brothers and sisters of God. As the month of April has arrived and the tradition of Easter as well so has the yearly remembrance of the Crucifixion and my “death.” I invite you to release the transfixing and obsession with the energy of death, pain, suffering and judgment that has been the focus of my remembrance for eons of time. The more that event is worshiped, the more the energy of judgment and separation is kept alive and humanity has become just as judgmental as those from that time. The worshiping of my death was never intended. It was to simply show I AM not affected by the judgments as I AM not the body and there is no death. The Resurrection and “disappearance”,”disolvement” of my body was to show I am as eternal as the ONE that created me and the body is only an energetic hologram.

Gift yourself beloved brothers and sisters to Resurrect yourselves into the light of love where I AM and embrace and focus on my teachings and as I lived. That is the gift and the purpose for you to be as me. We are one. Receive the gift God gave you through me. What I AM, Who I AM you are too as you choose to live as I live.

Release the judgments beloved ones, Forgive, and love deeper than you have ever loved before. Especially yourselves. Through judgment many continually crucify themselves daily and so the separation through guilt expands and weigh heavily on your mind, emotions and bodies. Gift yourselves the most precious of all gifts and lift yourself off your own crosses and choose LOVE.

The only true life that exists as there is no life outside of each Present moment of LOVE. I will meet you sweet ones in the Heart of LOVE for I AM you…. You are ME …..and WE are ONE!

Through Maria Kramer 4/11/14

12 Comments on “April Easter Message from Jesus

  1. That was so beautiful, and inspiring, thank you much love and light.

  2. Beautiful, timeless message for us all, from Heart to Heart. With Love and Gratitude,

  3. That is such a beautiful and perfect message.

    Happy Easter Sweet Maria

  4. I am so thankful I heard you read this message. After hearing you put it into words, I realized I felt the same way. Religion needs more messages about living in the ways of the great teachers.

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