April Awakenings through Appreciation

As i was contemplating the amazing gifts that the month of April brings in so many ways, i wanted to share these ideas and thoughts I am implementing and having fun with as I trust you will find them delightful and empowering as well.

I  came up with 17 words to lift out vibration into love. Why 17 you might ask. Well the number 17 is very sacred as it blesses us with connecting to the divine through the 1+7=8, Eight bringing us through the sacred geometric symbol of the infinity sign in connection with out spirit and soul.

The second thing I connected with is what 17 things begin with the letter A that can offer us gifts to awaken to our truth this month I will share on all in order as I am guided. 🙂

1. Appreciation 2. Awe 3. Allowing 4. Awareness 5. Acceptance 6. Adventurous 7. Affluence 8. Abundance 9. Angelic 10. Adoration 11. Authentic 12. Affectionate 13. Alive 14. Amazed 15. Action 16. Attraction 17. Ample

So we start with Appreciation. The energy of appreciation is key to lifting into a higher vibration to be more in the flow of the current of all good things in live. according to the dictionary it means “the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.”

“Appreciation = love in action.” Maria Kramer

We are familiar with Teacher appreciation days. There are so many ways to offer appreciation. As my intent is to guide others to awaken to living more self-love, I wondered how often do we appreciate our selves and others. How can we create living a mindful day of appreciation all day long? We could focus on what we  appreciate in yourselves, other people, nature, work, things, the food we eat. I am referring to the deep inner recognition that we are already perfect and whole and appreciate the beautiful self, we are as well as a flower, sunset, painting, delightfully  displayed food on a plate.

It is a different vibration than gratitude. Gratitude is often offered for things of the past, situations we have grown from, people we have learned from, our clothes and shelter etc. Gratitude raises out vibration out of the fear anger loop. It is to me more the energy of having something and appreciation about being. Appreciation is of the present moment and has a lightness of energy to it. It feels to me effervescent. I actually feel a buzzing in my being when I use the word. When we offer appreciation we in essence are remembering our truth as perfect divine beings. When we appreciate we are actually expressing pure love at its core. Another way of saying I love you. I love me. I am feeling the energy of love welling up within me and filling me as I connect with what I am appreciating.

Gift yourself this exercise and say out loud “I am so grateful for………”  and then” I so appreciate……….” and notice how it feels to say both. I want you to just feel how they each feel in your body without the mind interfering. Become aware. There is a subtle nuance you might find delightful.


I feel the most challenging for us is to find something to appreciate in our selves especially because we have learned to judge ourselves brilliantly through living in a world of comparison. Gift yourself a couple of expansion exercises and say out loud or write down like a gratitude journal 17 things or ways you appreciate yourself…love yourself…. It could be as simple as, I appreciate my big smile, my strong legs, my open heart, kindness to small animals, my deep breaths, my ability to feel compassion, my courage to show up on this planet and have the experience I am,  my connection to the Divine and the angels….etc.   really feel it from your heart. You may even hold one hand on the heart as you go through this experience.

If you find difficulty in appreciating yourself and that happens, start by where you are and perhaps say and or write … “I appreciate my ability to be honest, authentic and have the courage to say it like it is.

Next do the same with 17 people you appreciate and say and/or write down their name and what you appreciate in them. You may even feel compelled to write some of them a letter. Take it one step further and write what you appreciate in nature. Then extend it to every morsel of food you ingest and drink and as it flows through you, feel the appreciation of this nourishment fill you to overflowing. Slow down the chewing and allow yourself to feel every nuance and flavor as you eat and drink.

Have fun lifting into appreciation for all that you are all that is. Try it you might like it! Let me know how your experience is. I truly appreciate the opportunity to write this and trust that it will reignite or fan the flame of Divine love in you.

Blessings and appreciation hugs of lovelovelove to you. 🙂


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