April Awakening Awareness

Blessings beloved one,

Awareness. Oh sweet Awareness. 🙂  This is a wast topic I could share on that has many levels and depths. I will make this as simple as possible and offer you ways to live with greater awareness in your day to day lives.

“It is your awareness that brings you change not your effort.” Osho

To be aware is to see and recognize Truth. Awareness brings to light all we have shoved under the carpet and forgotten about or did not want to attend to or could not at the time. Awareness is the door that opens us to see the world through a bigger lens. It sheds the light on when we are acting from ego and lifts us into a state of consciousness where we become the witness as well as the actor/player on the stage of life at the same time. Through awareness we are the observers and the observed, the actor and director at the same time. It brings the gift of being able to “catch” ourselves in a thought or action, behavior that is fear based, so we can change it. How many times do we do something out of habit and feel frustrated after the fact, ” oh I did it again !”  We are on autopilot. Awareness brings the unconscious conscious. It brings greater ease to making change from a space of understanding and allows us to make new conscious choices.

Awareness lets us recognize that we are the creators of our life and experiences and how we operate from fear or love. Awareness is a flashlight shining bright in a dark cave of an unconscious fear based operating system so that you can see clearly what is here and change the programing, perception, behavior, thought and implement a new one. We cannot change anything without awareness, which can be applied on many levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

“Awareness is THE tool to awakening to truth.” Maria Kramer

Physical: Be still…. become aware of your breathing body, Feel the blood pumping though the veins. Hear your cells sing. Feel any pains?  As you become aware if pain is present; ask what it wants. What is needed?  Become aware of your sounds, smells air, around you. Listen.:)

Emotional: What are you feeling?  Become aware of the emotions you are experiencing on a regular basis. What and how do you react to situations around you on a regular basis?  When are you being triggered and begin to notice patterns.

Mental: Become aware of common habitual thought. limiting beliefs you have. Addiction, behaviors. This is an easy one. When you feel upset or react on auto pilot many often open the refrigerator/ freezer kitchen cabinet door to reach for something soothing whatever that is for you, chips, cake, cookies, wine, beer, ice-cream. Perhaps when someone uses words to pull you down you freeze and the words just don’t come out of your mouth or you spew the out in anger without thinking, being reactive instead of responsive. Perhaps you find yourself in abusive situations over and over again.  When we become aware of the pattern we literally will experience an “AHA” moment and little by little you will be able to change it and choose something different.

Spiritual: Awareness will show us when we operate from ego and when from soul. We are able to see the bigger picture if you will and grow a deeper understanding of truth and realize this is just a play and an experience and not take life so seriously. It gifts us the knowing we are spiritual beings having an extraordinary experience through a physical vessel so that out soul can grow spiritually.


Awareness helps us move from ego victim consciousness into empowered soul living realizing we are co~creators of ALL our experiences and that is a key in the healing process. Awareness is the gateway to knowing truth.

Here is an exercise for the day you may wish to play and have fun with:

I invite you to think of a situation, thought you are being challenged with or want to change. Grab a pen and paper,  place your hand on heart, take a few deep breaths and finish writing this sentence

Today I choose to become aware that…………….

I open my mind and being to allow awareness to fell me and help me see the truth about………….

Awareness is the window through which we can see clearly when we are operating from human ego self or through the Authentic soul Self so we can bring healing to our wounds and lack of love.

Here is a prayer that  came forth this morning:

“Dearest Angels, God, Guides Source of love of all that is. Shine your light of love on my path that I may walk in Awareness at every moment. Awareness to know instantly when I am in alignment with truth and when I am not. Awareness of when I live from fear so I can become crystal clear learn the lesson and and walk forward in love.” 

Let me know this will help you in your life.

Blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove ❤ 🙂 ❤

Maria L’Aria Raa

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