April Awe~Inspired Angelic Action

Today I celebrate 13 year anniversary of beginning my awe inspired journey with the angels. I knew in my full being that my life had just changed direction  when I received the Attunement and practiced the Heartlink® process. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my life to be what it is today

I am in awe of witnessing and allowing the unfolding of the divine plan for my soul’s purpose as i walk with each new step.

On our soul’s path of opening and remembering our purpose there is no logic, rhyme or reason. It is glittered with glistening pebbles of inspiration, soul inspired guidance and wisdom to light the way towards the fulfillment of our journey on this beloved planet Gaia. It is filled with infinite joy, spiritual tenacity, tests, great inner peace of knowing as we listen to the Divine for guidance. For me it has been the communication with beloved Archangel Ariel, other angels. Jesus and Sathya Sai Baba.

On this 21st day of April I find myself birthing a new beginning once again as a labor of love project for months building my second website myself is fully operational and live.

For me walking with the angels and diving into living the IET vision using all the processes Angel Ariel has gifted us, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to share it with others either via private sessions or teaching others how to become empowered and walk awhile on their spiritual  path with to support them in living their souls purpose is indeed an ineffable experience and I truly walk in AWE  as I think back over the last 13 years, the growth, guidance form the angels, the creativity they inspire me to create in ways I never imagined. The loving, patient space they hold for us nudging and encouraging us on own way. The souls that gather. The freedom they gift us as we release the limitations and foundations and structures that no longer serve us.

It truly is a blessing when we able to do what we love and have what I call job security in knowing the Divine and angels will  always supply every we need and there is more than enough to do every day. I find it fascinating when we align with and surrender to our purpose how everything falls into place smoothly and effortlessly. There is a natural flow to the day when we get out of our own way as see release our fears and insecurities. It is a constant process of choosing to let go of the limitations and open to the possibilities. It is the energy of “letting go and letting God” direct our lives. Not easy to do, however, not as hard as you think. I see it as juts a choice. Surrender is probably the greets gift we can ever offer ourselves.

I invite you to connect with…………When I think of awe and inspired action from my soul I ……….

Please enjoy this Prayer and I trust it will inspire you as it does me.

“In This Moment”
The Integrated Energy Therapy® Vision

In this moment, I will love rather than judge. In this moment,
I will build rather than destroy.
In this moment, I will look to God, rather than to other people, for approval and direction.
In this moment, I will change because I want to, not because I need to.
In this moment, I will realize my power, rather than blame other people for their actions.
In this moment, I will experience the joy of God’s plan, rather than the pain of my plan.
In this moment, I will see the possibilities, rather than the difficulties.
In this moment, I will serve others, rather than serve myself.
In this moment, there is Heaven on Earth.

Channeled from Angel Ariel by Stevan J. Thayer
(c) 2001, The Center of Being, Inc.

Many Blessings

One Comment on “April Awe~Inspired Angelic Action

  1. I am in awe, my dear friend, in front of who you have become. So happy for you to have found the path to peace, love, serenity and all the good things our angels provide. Stay true to yourself!
    Much love,

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