Earth Action Message from Angels

Namasté Beloved one

On earth day I was again pondering how we all can bring more awareness to living as guests on mother Gaia and I am becoming acutely aware of how unconscious we are treating her. As I have been feeling more connected to the other lifeforms that live with us wether we are able to see them or not. So I asked Angels Ariel and Zadkiel this question before entering meditation:

“What do I /we as a visitor on this planet need to know about being a better custodian and care taker of this Earth planet?”

“What action(s) can I take this day to be more loving both to myself and others whether human beings, animals, earth, air, water.”

Here is their sweet answer. Enjoy.

Hello Beloved one,

It is we Zadkariel. ( Ariel and Zadkiel were giggling as they said this knowing I would understand their sense of humor) Sweet angels of love. It is so simple. The most important and greatest impact in wholing the earth and caring for her is raising your vibration to living love from your heart of eternal peace Divine Soul Presence. Remember you are all connected as one. The plants, animals, air, water.

The external environment reflect the inner conflict in each of you ads you have learned to focus on fear, lack, separation through the energy and process of judgement. The only way is to Be Love in Action. Love yourselves. Be compassionate Love in Action at ALL times. This is me. See yourself in ALL and ALL in you. Unplug from duality consciousness. Unplug from fear. Disconnect the crusted barnacled beliefs in ruling through power over others for self gratification.

Become the Masters of spiritual self Mastery of knowing, claiming, choosing to know the truth at ALL times. We invite you to use the WAG Compassion process as often as you choose. It is a powerful way to heal yourselves and the world and raise consciousness and vibration. Choose to ACT loving towards everyone and everything. Live through reflective reverent remembrance of the Garden of Eden that you have the opportunity to build anew, where all beings, live in harmony in a lush, abundant world.

earth_motherGaze at the flowers, the trees, beach, mountains, earth, leaves, soil, grass, your pets. Touch it with your fingers, Caress it with your hands, Earthing… Yes… the word you use these days. Earthing… Very important. Take off your shoes, walk upon the earth, feel the grass, the sand, the soil, the water. with the soles of your feet touching the earth. For you to feel connecting to Beloved Gaia and increase your feeling being. Feel the Earth through the So(u)ls of your feet is very important. Your feet is the gateway to the connection of Mother Earth to your heart. Shoes disconnect your Union. Walk slow, let the soles kiss the ground with every step. Walk in awareness, presence.

You use much machinery to care for the earth, which are magnificent creations to lighten your work. Movers, blowers, tractors, trimmers, cultivators, weeders. They are creative inventions. We invite you to give them a rest and tend to the gardens with your hands. Feel the earth with the soles, toes, fingers and hands. Let the soil sift through your fingers. Notice all the insect life it is filled with. Talk to the fairies, devas that care for your gardens so tirelessly. Feel the grass, the flower, the clover, the dandelion. Get close with it. As you fell more connected to the earth and all lifeforms your love expands.

Sit. Be still. Soak up the warm rays of the sun. Sun gaze at sunset and sunrise. Plant fruit and vegetables, tend daily to your personal gardens and feel sense see your connection grow. Let go of dualistic fear based beliefs and send love to yourselves. As you return to wholeness, harmony, peace and love you will emanate that through your energy field and it will impact many beings and the earth and all environments you touch.

The simplest and easiest way to be a better custodian is delete the habit of judgement fall away! Judgement creates duality and limitation, pain and suffering is born. Imagine you are Mother Earth. How would you like the two legged visitors to act and live? Feel what it would be like to experience how we treat her now and how you would feel if you were more present, aware, appreciated, acted in a loving way. Living with her instead of on her.

We find it funny how humans often talk about mother earth in third person as if she is not present. Much like you often will talk third person about someone in the same room as you. Hilarious it is to see! We invite you to talk to her to tell her how you love her. I love you. Bless Earth. Bless Gaia. Bless me. Listen for any messages she wants to share with you!! Practice the Living Ank.  Spend 1-2 hours out doors in sunlight daily.

chrystal-childWe invite you to remove the time pieces you wear on your wrists. Live in harmony with the natural rhythms of life. Return to remember the natural Divine time. Feel the day flow through the movement of the sun across the sky. Dance in the rain. Revel in the abundant bloomings of creation of nature. Watch and commune with the night sky. Be in awe of the life all around you. Beyond the earth, the planets and other star systems. The life in the galaxy and all the universes.

Give yourself permission to feel the Uniting of all lifestreams ands lifeforms. Focus on how you can BE love, light, peace, joy, Withdraw your distractions of focus on others. You will feel greater peace and harmony. It will help you become divinely inspired in how else we can live love in action with the blue planet of love in abundant harmony, balance and reverence with all thing.

We are complete for now

We love you.

Archangels Arial & Zadkiel ( Zadkariel)

Through Maria Kramer (c)

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  1. Thank you Maria! That was Beautiful &
    Inspirational! I Am filled with Love & Oneness ….. Bless you!

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