May Miracles

Blessing Beloved one,

May May bless you with Love, Serenity and Balance. We have entered the month of the Crown Chakra opening fully on the journey of journeys. The month of spiritual tenacity  has birthed an invitation to lift into soulbased consciousness of fully being connected to all that is and release the remaining fear based ego attachments  to the illusion of separation. Are you ready to live from your heart of love and unity flowing on the river current of truth and wanting to be peace or are you still needing to be right  and not ready to relinquish the attachments of the ego. Either way is fine, however one flows more easily than the other. Are you ready to live drama free or are you enjoying the drama chaos of one world experience?  Only you have the answer. 

Miracle sentence stem: When I contemplate living from the heart I feel……………….

Blessings and love



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