Juicy June

Juicy June has arrived.

Blessings beloved ones

Miracles or Madness

Wow the month of May flew by with many interesting energies and at an incredible speed. Some had the blessing of experiencing the Miracle energies of May some the Madness Energies for both were equally expanding throughout the month.

Maybe you experienced some of both as I did. Part of the month I felt like I had this thin veil put over my head and as I continued to do much inner work ( which I had not planned on, but then again who does?) of clearing old limiting patterns the veil lifted miraculously and I feel a sense of expanded freedom I have not in a long time. It felt like I finally was able to crawl out of the cold, snowy avalanche I felt I had been buried under since January. Maybe you had a similar feeling.

Mercury Retrograde Mercury began a powerful return May 19 which will continue through June 11, so we are in the middle of it with a Full moon the next two days. It is a most auspicious time in my view, that it gifts us truly to go within and ask deep self-inquiring questions of:

“What in me needs to change for me to live my dream life.”

“What limiting patterns and beliefs are no longer serving me living JOY.”

“Who and what is it time for me to let go of that is outdated.”

Imagine of you could yourself as a computer or cellphone where the software and operating systems are continuously being upgraded and if you do not update on a regular basis, it becomes increasingly difficult to operate the technology and live in the world we do. I invite you to look at your life and yourself and notice in what areas you are still running old outdated “technology” such as third Dimensional fear based patterns, beliefs, habits, in areas of your personal, health, relationship and business, work.

“Where have you refused to change because part of you like the status quo or it is easier and.”

Let the June Juices flow

Are you ready to let June be an awesomely joyful, jumping Jellybean, Juicy jubilant month? If so get ready and put your seat belts on!! I woke up this morning in beautiful Cocoa Beach in Florida very early and watched the Sun rise gloriously over the Atlantic ocean. The feeling thought that keeps flooding me is Juicy June. The energies offer this lava flow of pure joy that is filling my entire being. I feel great anticipation of something absolutely juicy is about to manifest and expand the ocean of miracles that are ococuring in my life. It feels like I have joy-bubbles bouncing around in every cell.

“What if we could live every moment of the day in pure juicy presence of pure juicy joy of pure juicy love of pure juicy peace?” How does one do that? I know it is possible and I invite you to expand yourself with me this month to lift into the energies that will gift us to enjoy this amazing juicy life we are meant to live while here on this juicy earth.

“What does living a juicy life mean to you?”

Join me in asking yourself these questions: “If I lived a juicy life what would I do for a livelihood?” “Where would I live?” “Who would I BE?”

Daily Juicy sentence stem: Being FREE to live a Juicy June life I………………

Wishing you a Juicy 1st Monday in June



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