Sacred Presence of the Fall.

Blessings to you on this glorious  Fall day as the colors of the trees seem to greet us abundantly and the leaves cling to the branches for just a little while longer before falling softly to the ground landing exactly where it was meant to without any struggle at all. I always am in awe at the graciousness, flexibility and gong with the flow that nature exhibits and teaches us throughout the various seasons.

As many are gearing up for the coming holidays it is also an amazing time to connect with nature and be present to the magic and beauty that surround us. Gift your self  with being present with the abundance of nature around you. Stop Breathe and take a moment to be still in the midst of your hurrying and scurrying.

Behold a leaf as it effortlessly float through the air on the gentle wind til it lands on the soil in front of you.

Observe the Squirrels busily collecting their provisions for the winter months ahead as they balance on the electrical lines and branches on trees.

The stars are brilliant at night.  Look up and see the diamonds sparkling in the night waiting for you to enjoy them.

Presence brings us into the peace of our true being and releases the never-ending mind chatter in our head.  Try it you might like it.



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