Hello beloved beautiful soul…


“The more I am able to TRUST that life is unfolding perfectly for me and all those around me, that there are no accidents in life, only a beautifully orchestrated play, the more I a able to surrender my life to the work of art in progress I AM and WE all ARE!”  Maria Kramer

Most of our lives many have been conditioned to doubt ourselves, all that happens, all people around us and it has caused tremendous limitation in the flow of life. Ot created much of the fear energies we have carried in our cell memory and communication field that surrounds us. “What if is what has led to limiting beliefs and misperception of separation and the concept of good and bad?” Good question?  How can I change it now? 

Perhaps ask yourself: “Who would I be without the concept of  doubt, self doubt?”  

“What would my life be like is I lived in a constant state of complete trust in the Divine flow of all that is unfolding of me for my highest good without opinion?”

Here are two more simple practices that will support you in bringing you back into your heart of Love and live in the flow of trust, whenever you feel fear or doubt.

Write this phrase on sticky notes and paste them (I have them everywhere; in my car, wallet, mirrors, computer and bedroom), wherever you know you will see them, and repeat it to yourself each time you glance at them:

“In this moment I trust myself.”

Try this with me as you are reading this. Place both your hands on your heart or one hand on heart and the other on the top of your head, breathe and say: “In this moment I trust myself.” Just notice how that feels… When we bring our hands to our heart we literally move from our mind into our heart and anchor this ideal ever more deeply into it. Play with and see what feels best to you. Any time that you feel doubt or fear, bring your hands to heart and say the above phrase. Keep taking some deep breaths. You may even choose to breathe consciously while you count to 17. The number 17 becomes an 8 and it represents your eternal connection with the Divine.

Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa 

Earth Day Enlightening

Hello beautiful Earth Tenant,

Today we celebrate Earth day around the world in many different ways. Most often the focus is on bringing to consciousness all the ways we have treated this brilliant blue/green sphere unconsciously over many millennia. Every day new technologies are birthed to clean up and restore nature and bring our environment back to the “garden of eden” paradise it was designed to be enjoyed. If we can see it from a greater perspective it is a magical process to be a part of and witness the unfoldment of.

I wonder how we would treat Gaia daily if we actually lived as the visitors we in truth are as if we were visiting a dear friend in their home or house sat for them a while? We would most likely be very gentle, conscious of leaving everything the way we found it and take great care of all that was in our view. Not the way many has treated Gaia for quiet awhile.

There are so many ways in which we can support, being a blessing, love this planet and make every day a celebratory earth day when we intend to live in harmony, peace and unity with all living beings, including all the nature kingdoms as partners in sacred retains with each other.


Tosa Ranch New Mexico October 2019 “May I walk in sacred Union with all in Unity with in and without.” Maria Kramer

Native American 10 Commandments

The earth is our Mother, care for her
Honor ALL your relations
Open your heart and soul to the Great Spirit
All life is sacred; treat all beings with respect
Take from the Earth what you need and nothing more
Do what needs to be done for the good of all
Give constant thanks to the Great Spirit for each new day
Speak the truth; but only of the good of others
Follow the rhythms of nature; rise and retire with the sun
Enjoy lives journey, but leave no tracks.

Here are some ideas i invite you to ponder and I would love to hear your ideas of how to breathe new life with in ourselves and our beloved Gaia with greater sacredness and loving kindness and create a gloriously self sustainable present and future  and deeper loving relations with this magnificent sphere we happen to be enjoining at this moment.

Love love love…. How can we be more loving and treat Gaia with greater reverence. The Earth mother who relentlessly and unconditionally gives so much to us, nourishes us, energizes us, feeds us, houses, us, clothes us. The amazing limitless, infinite abundant resources  this earth mother provides us is truly ineffable. She shows us there is never any lack. there is always enough. Through conscious co creation there is infinite possibility of expansion  through the life cycle of all creation, birth,  life experience, death and rebirth. Everything is energy recycled and materialized into form them to formlessness and back into form. The tenacity of Mother Earth is a great teacher of unconditional love for us in many areas of our human beingness.

Are we truly ready to raise our consciousness and vibration to match hers? I am in complete trust that we as a humanity have  reached that point as more and more of are awaking to our true selves and deeper profound knowing of self and the interconnectedness of all living organisms.


Earth Heart of love from hike up Overlook Mountain Path Woodstock, NY 2013

Present….What is we treated Gaia and the gift of life as the ultimate christmas present that is truly is. She is prosperous abundance personified showing us that nature is a resilient and unstoppable force that Source energy is flowing through at all times for she as an energy being is fully connected at all times.

Could it be that through our desire for power over and ownership of we have disconnected and separated our selves form the Divine Source that fills us and our awakening to greater awarness to care for this being is to learn to love ourselves and as we do we will truly be able to love all living nature forms and treat it with the honor is was designed.

What if the destruction and trashing we have created on the planet is actually a mirroring of the destruction of our inner selves physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually over eons of time? As we are becoming aware of our inner destruction we are also seeing out outer destruction with new eyes or vice vera. What if the pollution on the surface, in the air and in the ocean is a mirror of our inner pollution of toxins, polarity, duality, emotions, lower vibrational thought, needing to be right, seeing ourselves as separate entities.

Here are some empowering questions I have come up with that can birth new ideas in our consciousness.

What consciousness can I be that would let me live in sacred union with Mother Earth and self more of the time?

How can I be a divine Present to Gaia as she is to me?

What possibility of being part of bringing heaven back to earth can I be?

What can I do and be today to make a difference in bringing balance and harmony back on the planet and within myself?

What one way can I choose to do and be every day to make a difference in the world and mother earth that inspires me and makes me feel joyful and good? 

Wishing you a blessed beautiful inspirational Earth Day




Blessings of Silence

Hello beloved one,

Day of Silence and Alligator Blessings
Yesterday was a delightful blessing I was nudged by spirit to enjoy a delicious gift of communion with nature, animal life, sky, wind sun. I so enjoy the days of being in silence unplugged from all electronics and the world. This was a short 24 hour silence. The longer the silence the deeper the connection and communion with all around me and within my consciousness. It is a soul spa day of deepening into your Divine Presence and the present moment of now.

Days in silence gifts the reclaiming of your authentic self as the thoughts that flow by you become fewer and further apart. You human mind becomes like a clear blue sky that is cloudless. Empty of thoughts, ideas, concepts. Release form attachments and getting lost in your mind of chaotic soup. You feel released into the wast unity of all that is about you and with in you.  You can feel, hear, sense God mind beyond the separate fear based mind.

“All attachments prevent you from being present. In the present moment, you cannot hold onto anything, nor are you identified with anything. You are simply here, present with what is here.” -Leonard Jacobson

What is a day in silence? It is a day where you do not utter a sound. You spend time in quiet contemplation, meditation, reading, walking, nourishing yourselves. It is a slowing down from our hectic doings. It can also be very effective in organizing offices, cooking, doing chores and all the things you normally do, however without the verbal communication with others. It is an incredible opportunity to be in great presence with full conscious awareness of the infinite consciousness we are. It realigns you to your true spacious being~ness. All senses seem to become more heightened  as colors brighten, sounds are clearer, foods more fragrant etc.

alligatormeditationWhat bought me great joy was our resident alligator decided to spend most of the day with me as I sat on the grass meditating, present with the incredibly abundant birdlife around me and reading. We see it trolling around coming and going but this was different. We would sit for long periods just looking into each others eyes in presence. I felt so at peace with this extraordinary animal being fully present with me. They are full of patience, stunning, agile, stealthy, peaceful, smiling, sun loving, intelligent. At points our fields would merge and we became one. there was no alligator and me. I was the alligator and it was me.

Often throughout the the day I would just offer my “I love you, I know you , I honor your divinity.” connecting our 6th energy centers. I felt it’s response. All I heard in my mind was “Be still and know I am God.” “I see God in every moment.” It would now and then swim to the other side. It made sounds and movements I had not seen yet lifting it’s body out of the water as if in a dance. I was amazed how it just chose to “sit” with me or perhaps it thought I was food?

Around dusk it came back straight toward me and sat at waters edge again as if it was saying “I am here.” I was called to come out of my silence for a few minutes and chanted light language for a while. It looked like it was in heaven. When I was done, I bowed. It bowed back and turned and left for the night. This morning as I came out it was waiting for me again just under the tree. I sang light language  again and when over, it backed up and turned around again to troll the lake and go on another journey. Funny bit.

rememberwhowearelightWhat can we learn form the experience of being silent and the animals that bless us with their presence. The major gift for me is communion and entrance into oneness. When we are fully present with anything even a tissue box  we are alive and aligned with our God consciousness. There is a great calm and deep peace that fills us, that sees beyond the eyes of the human. It quiets the noise of the fear based consciousness we often et trapped in.

In ancient days and in some traditions still if you want to become a master of self then often you live in total silence for 11-17 years. The idea is until you can only speak words of beauty, love and light you must keep silent.

If you are not able to take one of silence I invite you on the delicious journey of one hour of silence, a morning, an afternoon. It could  20 minutes of eating in silence.  You will feel a whole new level of inner and outer communication that is by far richer than any words ever created. You enter into experiential and multidimensional communication with All~ness in the Oneness of Divine Intelligence you are.

Have fun~filled Silent Blessings

Namasté Maria

Easter Blessings

Hello Beloved one,

Many are celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus this weekend. What is really meant by this? Could it be it is the lifting up into a higher state of consciousness that is referred to as we Resurrect into our true selves. The release of the fear of the dissolving  of our temporary vehicle that we cling to fervently onto. The release of the habit of fear based thoughts and emotions such as guilt, fear, judgement and separation that keep us in the illusion of being separate from one another. It has so many layers of possibility and consciousness to be made aware of.

The only purpose we truly have is to lift our vibration into JOY, PEACE and LOVE.  Today I will just share a short message from God I received many moons ago.

Dearest Children

Be Peace,
Live Peace
Love Peace
That is all I ask

From book “Prayers to awaken peace and love.”

Many Blessings

Maria Kramer

Abundance Prayer

Hello Divine Beings of love

I want to share with you a most powerful prayer that my dear friends and fellow IET Master-Instructors Edmond and Goretti  Carroll from Ireland, the land of rainbows, fairies and pots of gold shared with me several weeks ago that we have been applying it in our lives.  The original author is unknown.

I offer great gratitude to who birthed this forth as it has blessed many since it was shared. My personal energy levels have increased, my gratitude meter expanded and the number of clients and students in my business grown significantly the last weeks and that translates to more money flowing to me and through me so that I can be more in the flow of the currency that we use as exchange at this time on the planet. I am deeply grateful for that. 

As with any prayer it works best when the intention is pure from the heart and for the good of all and not just for one self. I have seen two versions of this prayer and will share both on this page. I feel more drawn to the WE version than the I AM version, although either is perfect, so use the one you are called to connect with. The WE version opens my personal perception to recognize the many parts that make up the spirit, soul, mental, emotional and physical being that we are. It also creates in me a feeling of connecting to the wellbeing of others and that we are expanding the abundance together for all of humanity. This is not about the me it is about the we. It also remind me of the angels when they communicate through me and with me. The energy of the Divine always speak from the WE.

From the perception of I AM it can have the same meaning as we gather in I AM Oneship of all in One. Use what make you FEEL GOOD and connected to Source.  If you want to substitute Divine Intelligence for God feel free to do so. 

This wonderful prayer reminds us that we are meant to live a lifetime that feels too good to be true. In order to do so me must release the limitations, guilt, struggle patterns and judgements we have around money, comfort of life, suffering that block our receiving of all good in our lives. That includes complete health in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The key is though to intend it for everyone.  The guidance is to say it out loud several times a day with emotion and great feeling. let yourself FEEL it in every way and every cell of your being~ness. As with anything where attention is, energy flows so the more you connect with it the the richer it will be for you.

The wonderful thing about this prayer is it draws us to Remember the truth of our being Oneness with God. We have forgotten through our thoughts and accepted a belief we separate and this  prayer births forth a deep cell level remembrance of the true being in connectivity we are and that it how it is shifting and blessing us as we are realigning with the truth that we have hidden from ourselves a long while. We also through this prayer let go of how good and what good will flow to us and let the Divine surprise us and let us live in the flow of infinite limitless possibility. It reminds us to dwell in the present moment and that we together with God can move mountains and accomplish anything.

I have for years had a sticker on my desk that said: “There is nothing today that God and I together cannot handle.”  We are in this together.



Abundance Prayer

From The Light of God that I Am.
From The Love of God that I Am.
From The Power of God that I Am.
From The Heart of God that I Am.
I Decree-
I dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of God is my Infinite Source.
The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through me into lavish expression.

Good comes to me through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless me.
I now open my mind to receive my good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen. With God as my Source, Nothing amazes me.
I am not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.
By the power of my belief, coupled with my purposeful fearless actions and my deep rapport with God, my future is created and my abundance made manifest.
I ask and accept that I am lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. My mind is quiet.
From this day forward I give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to me with magnificent increase.
Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for me in wondrous ways.

I AM indeed grateful.

opening heart

Abundance Prayer

From The Light of God that We Are.
From The Love of God that We Are.
From The Power of God that We Are.
From The Heart of God that We Are.
Lets Decree-
We dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of God is our Infinite Source.
The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through us into lavish expression.

Good comes to us through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless us.
We now open our minds to receive our good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen. With God as our Source, Nothing amazes us.
We are not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.
By the power of our belief, coupled with our purposeful fearless actions and our deep rapport with God, our future is created and our abundance made manifest.
We ask and accept that We are lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. Our minds are quiet.
From this day forward We give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to us with magnificent increase.
Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for us in wondrous ways for the work that we do.
We ARE indeed grateful.
May you be blessed beyond your wildest dreams and may the world be blessed in ways cannot even comprehend

Namasté Maria Kramer

“May you always know how loved you are and that you are never alone.”


January Joys and Judgement!

Happy end of January to all you beautiful beings.

Was this the month of Judgement, pain and suffering or jubilant joy and freedom for you?  The theme many were dealing with this wonderful month was judgement. Judgement of others, situations, ideas, beliefs, world and of course self.  Judgement is that energy that separates, distinguishes for it is born out of comparison.  When we compare one thing or person against another there is always a looser and  never a winner even thought  at a surface level we believe something or someone is better than air less than.

The cycle many often get stuck in begins at a young age where we are compared constantly as children by adults in our lives and then in the education system through testing and grading and it hence perpetuates the cycle of comparison that is continued as we become great judges of others due to our comparison  of everything out there. It erodes our self esteem as we continue the pattern of self judgement as we perhaps feel we are not living up to our own expectations and judge how things  should be and not accepting as they are.12278954_10153145540016512_7119103668180537496_n

Probably the biggest “sin” we can commit is judgement, for it kills us slowly, silently and secretly. Judgement causes mental, emotional and physical pain. We judge in so many ways they are too many to count. It lowers our vibration, clouds our perception and closes our hearts. It supports a story that is untrue and we continue to play the part of that story even if the shoe does not fit any more so to speak. Judgement is the EGO’s last stance to keep us from waking up out of the illusion of fear and comparison and untruth.

Under the  “Judgment umbrella” are an array of emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, bitterness, jealousy, resentment, powerlessness, fear etc. We see it personally, in families, communities, country wide. Judgement boxes us in and offers limitation as it’s “reward.”  How much pain do you experience in your life in one way or another, especially physical pain. Most often there is judgment in some expression that is crying out to you saying : “you are killing me here” ” Please stop!”


loveselfAuthentic JOY is an opposite experience for is this one is able to see, know feel joy just by being alive. It is birthed out of Gratitude for everything without exception. There is no comparison. There is total acceptance of what is. It is a seeing the play  of life for what it is. The only way I have found to lift and yes I mean LIFT our of the judgement which is only fear with and attitude, is through the energy of gratitude. Pure gratitude, awe of what is unfolding in our experience. Easier to say than do. When we offer gratitude for everything we have released all agendas, expectations, beliefs and opinions and in that moment we are free to be the Authentic joy that is our natural state of being. Joy witnesses and unifies, judgement separates and divides. In Authentic JOY we are whole and filled with love. It transcends the lower vibration into a higher consciousness of living that allows us to be in the river of life without need to hold onto any shore. Judgement is focused on the end result through attachment. Authentic JOY is enjoying the entire journey appreciating all the nuances, fragrances and experiences on the way completely non~ attached and at peace. Authentic JOY id the fire in our heart of hearts in our core center that never can be extinguished , no matter how hard we try.

Invite yourself to whenever judgement arises to say Thank you and take a deep breath. Perhaps  say “how does it get better than this?“.  I have gone through extended times just repeating over and over Thank you and taken deep breaths. It has worked wonders for me. Have fun with the experience in this life… It is only Life… as the angels say. “You guys are just too serious. Lighten up and thins will brighten up.” 

I AM Alive In~JOY 

In JOY I AM Alive

Blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove

Maria Kramer

Epiphany Joys

Hello Beloved one,

This past week many celebrated the Epiphany all over the world. To me it is a very sacred family day, I remember it with great joy and reverence from my childhood as we celebrated it together at home. This year I have been going deep with in meditation as I have been searching for deeper truths to be revealed and it felt as a much deeper personal connection to the Divine. I asked to know the deeper meaning, truth and purpose of this celebration as it would apply to our consciousness at this time. “What do I need to know about the sacredness of this specific occasion, the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and how it relates to me and the world at this time?”

The presentation of the the three sacred gifts from the Magi to the Christ child can be an analogy to perhaps open ourselves to live more in the mystery of the sacred universe than the one most live in at this time. Even gift giving has changed it’s meaning for many.  Maybe the questions we can ask ourselves are:

What sacred, reverent, blessed gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh can I give myself at this time?

How can I see myself more as the Christ and  Divine being I AM?

How would I act, be, look at myself, if I looked at myself through the eyes of reverent love and knowing I AM a child of God, that I AM  God, I AM Christ?

How would I live in the world and most importantly how would I live in sacred relationship to all that is and who I AM?

I offer you this invitation to imagine you are the Christ child, the Magi has come to bless, it is your birthday and what the three gifts could be for you that would remind you of the true Divine You, your importance in the world, Your Divine Presence, a new beginning and new birthing of yourself that you may feel the Joy, Peace and Love every moment of the day that  is YOU !

The traditional gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were very important and special gifts then and still has the same powerful message and gifts for us to support us in living abundant, whole, joyful lives on this planet in these physical vehicles. Gold as a metal has many healing properties and has been  and is used for medicinal and healing purposes over 5,000. Gold supports mental, bodily and spiritual purification, rejuvenates, and  can cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health, stimulates life force and raises  vibration on all levels.


Gold ~ Gratitude, Grace, God, 

The Gift of gold I received this year is Gold representing the Sun, Creator, giver of life, God and the golden emanation fountain of life-force within our secret chamber of our heart. Opening the door to feel the energy of golden vibration and frequencies of God, pulsate through us like a sun filling our body and energy fields. God and source of life fountains from inside of us, it is not external. It is fueled by deep soul Gratitude for everything in our life experience without judgement. Through Gratitude we are given the gift of Divine Grace, swimming in the infinite ocean of grace of pure love. Feel golden love light of God/Source fill you and flow through you in all directions enveloping everything and everyone in it’s presence. The communion  with God in meditation is the ultimate gold infusion of wholeness and source energy. Enjoy the blessings of gold jewelry, gold coins on your body and environment as you allow it to bless you with connectivity to the Divine.


Frankincense ~ Forgiveness, Freedom, Faith

The gift I received from the Frankincense  beyond reminding me of the physical ways I use this precious and powerful resin as incense, space clearing, protection as well as in essential oils, perfume, remedies for colds, pain, was the blessing of the energy of forgiveness to heal ourselves and the world. Especially Self~forgiveness which is probably the most difficult one to extend. The kind of forgiveness that comes with the grace of God that sets you free from guilt, the ego’s last hold on you. The one where you recognize you really are not to blame and the past cannot be changed, it is what it is. The kind of forgiveness that on this day can erase all the past body and emotion memory, so you can see yourself as God sees you. FREE to BE here now. Faith that all is unfolding perfectly according to Divine plan, Faith in yourself, and in humanity.


Myrrh~ Miracle, Magical, Mystery

The third gift I received was also reminding me of the many ways I to use Myrrh for spiritual and physical healing purposes. Newborn Babies bless us with remembering what a Miracle a life on this planet is and how magical the  process of bringing life out of the womb into the world through the birth process is as well. It also brings with it a sense of mystery as we witness in awe this amazing new being in our midst.

Envision YOU are the new born baby receiving these reverent gifts and Kingly Presence of being adored, being seen for who and what you truly are. An embodiment of God in a physical vehicle. In your inner eye, see yourself, perhaps as you look into a mirror. Imaging bowing to yourself and reverently honoring your divinity as a wise sage. Give yourself the gift of accepting the gift of The Miracle of life that you have been giving through a divinely inspired birth, for yes, yours was that as well. Are you ready to accept and create the Magical experience each moment of this day can gift you? Allowing the magic of life to unfold, enables you to live life through the lens of your Divine Self instead of the human self. Knowing the Mystery of who you are in Oneness with God/Source/ Creator beyond what is seen with the human eyes, but the truth through the heart and I AM Presence. The Magical, Miracle, Mystery  YOU are that is beyond conscious mind and only accessed through feeling of the knowing Heart.


Gift yourself to receive the infinite bliss~filled blessings of knowing you are one with God as you feel over~flowingly full of gratitude and grace, feeling the freedom of forgiveness and the peace filled Faith, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt YOU are a Miracle choosing to create a Magical experience as you open to enjoy and live a life in the sacred Mystery of all that is.


Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer


What are Angels

Angel Message for you

I asked the angels: “what are angels?” and this is the short and sweet response I received in meditation. Enjoy.

“Angels are interstellar inter~dimensional beings of light frequencies through which you are able to communicate with Source energy, which you are one with, however, have disconnected yourself from. Our purpose is to support you in feeling connected to Source again, to deepen your inner knowing. You are always in Oneship with God, Creator as are we. We are portals through which you can feel the truth of your being. We offer guidance to listen to your divine guidance system that has been placed on hold temporarily.”

Archangel Ariel

Many Blessings

Maria L’Aria Raa

Angel Ariel Message on the Three R’s

Blessings on an awesome August that is coming to a completion.

fullmoonleoWe were gifted the opportunity to become the courageous lions of authenticity and truth this month  letting go off all that do not serve and step into the new path of heart based living. I am sharing a beautiful message Archangel Ariel blessed me with in March that I feel is right~on for many of us are experiencing at the moment. I asked about competition, ego and soul for so many are concerned with lack and not enough~ness in individuals and corporations and businesses in all areas and how to live a more benevolent path and what is up at the moment. I trust you will find her message very insightful and helpful. It has for me. This message I find is playing out internally in all of us and externally in a global scale as well. Enjoy the ride and may the resolution unfold in your life to any of your experiences with ease and grace.

I was deeply saddened that I felt this tug of war within myself between ego and soul and wanted to know what this was about and how to release it to live in the vibration of love again.

I went into deep meditation to ask for help from Angel Ariel and the crew in how I and we can shift this. I went in with question on: “what judgments still keeps me personally imprisoned in the deep well wall of separation and how do I get out.”  Here is her sweet response.

“We are delighted for you to ask this question of how do we solve this situation of competition and ownership at this time.

Know sweet ones it is only your fearbased consciousness that is rearing up as you walk through new change and year of “living love~being love.” It is only a test and opportunity to surrender more of the ego judgments and fears of lack that is purely an illusion. There is more than enough that is waiting for you to serve.

You are at a time of great Revelation, of great Revolution of great Resolution.

Are you ready beloved angels? For that is what you are. Pure angels in human body, serving the Divine in raising consciousness.

You are ALL on a Unified Mission and remember the purity of purpose and your promise and surrender ever deeper into that which you know is truth than ever before.

Revelation of truth is upon you ever more. You are all one. There is no one or mine or I. There is only the “WE” and when you work together as a team supporting each other and the community as a unified entity of servers, the other does not matter. Let go of controlling of all remaining lack. Let the soul heart speak and lead you in the wholeness and oneness ever more.

Revolution. A great revolution is coming. Not just on the external. It is occurring more importantly in the internal as all rotten outdated fear based ways of looking at life, beliefs, fears, judgments must dissolve, for they cannot survive in a pure vibration of love that you are lifting into being.

246437_446209398763748_1994328466_nAs you said YES to walking in the light, all the structures must break down and dissolve to make space for the light, love, crystalline structure that is you. You are being asked to choose. Which do you choose? The path of least resistance or the path of struggle and fighting for what you believe is right? Remember you cannot be right and happy at peace at the same time. It does not matter what you choose. We love you always either way.

How do you wish to serve sweet angels? Remember soul always remains standing at the end of the day with a smile, no matter how hard the ego attempts to force it’s way to what it believes is the right of it. You are in the fight of your lives and gifted choices…. choices…. choices… many choices….!!

Resolution….. Allow the Resolve to birth forth from the heart of love on what is for the greater good of the whole instead of what is good for the self. Gift yourselves and look at it from 10.000 feet elevation and see the bigger picture than the one in front of your narrow nearsighted vision.

I choose love instead of judgment!

I choose oneness instead of separation!

I choose love instead of fear!

There is much fear and lack consciousness in the mass consciousness at this time as the planes of both love and fear are expanding. We invite you to unplug as a team and individually from the mass consciousness as YOU are the New Earth Teachers and guides. You are creating the new microcosm of New Earth Stewardship. As you are able to step up into Being it with ALL parts of your being, the doing will take care of itself.

What ever you focus on expands. Keep your eyes peeled on the Divine at all times. Let NO thing or person derail your beloved Spirit and purpose. We are with you constantly. Always at your side and beck and call. NO situation or task is too small to ask for guidance with. Ask yourselves to move through this period of time with greater ease and grace.

We invite you into deeper introspection for these questions so you may become clear and BE the love BE the light ever more.

What am I afraid of?

What is the last hold the ego has on me?

Then ask yourselves; what is wanted?

What is my purpose?

What do I stand to gain?

We love you. We are always here and have never and will ever leave your sides.

We are complete.

Archangel Ariel 3/26/15

Through Maria Kramer

Juicy June

Juicy June has arrived.

Blessings beloved ones

Miracles or Madness

Wow the month of May flew by with many interesting energies and at an incredible speed. Some had the blessing of experiencing the Miracle energies of May some the Madness Energies for both were equally expanding throughout the month.

Maybe you experienced some of both as I did. Part of the month I felt like I had this thin veil put over my head and as I continued to do much inner work ( which I had not planned on, but then again who does?) of clearing old limiting patterns the veil lifted miraculously and I feel a sense of expanded freedom I have not in a long time. It felt like I finally was able to crawl out of the cold, snowy avalanche I felt I had been buried under since January. Maybe you had a similar feeling.

Mercury Retrograde Mercury began a powerful return May 19 which will continue through June 11, so we are in the middle of it with a Full moon the next two days. It is a most auspicious time in my view, that it gifts us truly to go within and ask deep self-inquiring questions of:

“What in me needs to change for me to live my dream life.”

“What limiting patterns and beliefs are no longer serving me living JOY.”

“Who and what is it time for me to let go of that is outdated.”

Imagine of you could yourself as a computer or cellphone where the software and operating systems are continuously being upgraded and if you do not update on a regular basis, it becomes increasingly difficult to operate the technology and live in the world we do. I invite you to look at your life and yourself and notice in what areas you are still running old outdated “technology” such as third Dimensional fear based patterns, beliefs, habits, in areas of your personal, health, relationship and business, work.

“Where have you refused to change because part of you like the status quo or it is easier and.”

Let the June Juices flow

Are you ready to let June be an awesomely joyful, jumping Jellybean, Juicy jubilant month? If so get ready and put your seat belts on!! I woke up this morning in beautiful Cocoa Beach in Florida very early and watched the Sun rise gloriously over the Atlantic ocean. The feeling thought that keeps flooding me is Juicy June. The energies offer this lava flow of pure joy that is filling my entire being. I feel great anticipation of something absolutely juicy is about to manifest and expand the ocean of miracles that are ococuring in my life. It feels like I have joy-bubbles bouncing around in every cell.

“What if we could live every moment of the day in pure juicy presence of pure juicy joy of pure juicy love of pure juicy peace?” How does one do that? I know it is possible and I invite you to expand yourself with me this month to lift into the energies that will gift us to enjoy this amazing juicy life we are meant to live while here on this juicy earth.

“What does living a juicy life mean to you?”

Join me in asking yourself these questions: “If I lived a juicy life what would I do for a livelihood?” “Where would I live?” “Who would I BE?”

Daily Juicy sentence stem: Being FREE to live a Juicy June life I………………

Wishing you a Juicy 1st Monday in June