Epiphany Joys

Hello Beloved one,

This past week many celebrated the Epiphany all over the world. To me it is a very sacred family day, I remember it with great joy and reverence from my childhood as we celebrated it together at home. This year I have been going deep with in meditation as I have been searching for deeper truths to be revealed and it felt as a much deeper personal connection to the Divine. I asked to know the deeper meaning, truth and purpose of this celebration as it would apply to our consciousness at this time. “What do I need to know about the sacredness of this specific occasion, the gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and how it relates to me and the world at this time?”

The presentation of the the three sacred gifts from the Magi to the Christ child can be an analogy to perhaps open ourselves to live more in the mystery of the sacred universe than the one most live in at this time. Even gift giving has changed it’s meaning for many.  Maybe the questions we can ask ourselves are:

What sacred, reverent, blessed gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh can I give myself at this time?

How can I see myself more as the Christ and  Divine being I AM?

How would I act, be, look at myself, if I looked at myself through the eyes of reverent love and knowing I AM a child of God, that I AM  God, I AM Christ?

How would I live in the world and most importantly how would I live in sacred relationship to all that is and who I AM?

I offer you this invitation to imagine you are the Christ child, the Magi has come to bless, it is your birthday and what the three gifts could be for you that would remind you of the true Divine You, your importance in the world, Your Divine Presence, a new beginning and new birthing of yourself that you may feel the Joy, Peace and Love every moment of the day that  is YOU !

The traditional gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh were very important and special gifts then and still has the same powerful message and gifts for us to support us in living abundant, whole, joyful lives on this planet in these physical vehicles. Gold as a metal has many healing properties and has been  and is used for medicinal and healing purposes over 5,000. Gold supports mental, bodily and spiritual purification, rejuvenates, and  can cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health, stimulates life force and raises  vibration on all levels.


Gold ~ Gratitude, Grace, God, 

The Gift of gold I received this year is Gold representing the Sun, Creator, giver of life, God and the golden emanation fountain of life-force within our secret chamber of our heart. Opening the door to feel the energy of golden vibration and frequencies of God, pulsate through us like a sun filling our body and energy fields. God and source of life fountains from inside of us, it is not external. It is fueled by deep soul Gratitude for everything in our life experience without judgement. Through Gratitude we are given the gift of Divine Grace, swimming in the infinite ocean of grace of pure love. Feel golden love light of God/Source fill you and flow through you in all directions enveloping everything and everyone in it’s presence. The communion  with God in meditation is the ultimate gold infusion of wholeness and source energy. Enjoy the blessings of gold jewelry, gold coins on your body and environment as you allow it to bless you with connectivity to the Divine.


Frankincense ~ Forgiveness, Freedom, Faith

The gift I received from the Frankincense  beyond reminding me of the physical ways I use this precious and powerful resin as incense, space clearing, protection as well as in essential oils, perfume, remedies for colds, pain, was the blessing of the energy of forgiveness to heal ourselves and the world. Especially Self~forgiveness which is probably the most difficult one to extend. The kind of forgiveness that comes with the grace of God that sets you free from guilt, the ego’s last hold on you. The one where you recognize you really are not to blame and the past cannot be changed, it is what it is. The kind of forgiveness that on this day can erase all the past body and emotion memory, so you can see yourself as God sees you. FREE to BE here now. Faith that all is unfolding perfectly according to Divine plan, Faith in yourself, and in humanity.


Myrrh~ Miracle, Magical, Mystery

The third gift I received was also reminding me of the many ways I to use Myrrh for spiritual and physical healing purposes. Newborn Babies bless us with remembering what a Miracle a life on this planet is and how magical the  process of bringing life out of the womb into the world through the birth process is as well. It also brings with it a sense of mystery as we witness in awe this amazing new being in our midst.

Envision YOU are the new born baby receiving these reverent gifts and Kingly Presence of being adored, being seen for who and what you truly are. An embodiment of God in a physical vehicle. In your inner eye, see yourself, perhaps as you look into a mirror. Imaging bowing to yourself and reverently honoring your divinity as a wise sage. Give yourself the gift of accepting the gift of The Miracle of life that you have been giving through a divinely inspired birth, for yes, yours was that as well. Are you ready to accept and create the Magical experience each moment of this day can gift you? Allowing the magic of life to unfold, enables you to live life through the lens of your Divine Self instead of the human self. Knowing the Mystery of who you are in Oneness with God/Source/ Creator beyond what is seen with the human eyes, but the truth through the heart and I AM Presence. The Magical, Miracle, Mystery  YOU are that is beyond conscious mind and only accessed through feeling of the knowing Heart.


Gift yourself to receive the infinite bliss~filled blessings of knowing you are one with God as you feel over~flowingly full of gratitude and grace, feeling the freedom of forgiveness and the peace filled Faith, knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt YOU are a Miracle choosing to create a Magical experience as you open to enjoy and live a life in the sacred Mystery of all that is.


Maria L’Aria Raa Kramer


2 Comments on “Epiphany Joys

  1. Maria, This is just beautiful! Thank you for the reminder of the magical, mysterious miracle that is this life and thank you for bringing love and light into my life! May you be blessed beyond measure this year and always. Love, Ashley

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