January Joys and Judgement!

Happy end of January to all you beautiful beings.

Was this the month of Judgement, pain and suffering or jubilant joy and freedom for you?  The theme many were dealing with this wonderful month was judgement. Judgement of others, situations, ideas, beliefs, world and of course self.  Judgement is that energy that separates, distinguishes for it is born out of comparison.  When we compare one thing or person against another there is always a looser and  never a winner even thought  at a surface level we believe something or someone is better than air less than.

The cycle many often get stuck in begins at a young age where we are compared constantly as children by adults in our lives and then in the education system through testing and grading and it hence perpetuates the cycle of comparison that is continued as we become great judges of others due to our comparison  of everything out there. It erodes our self esteem as we continue the pattern of self judgement as we perhaps feel we are not living up to our own expectations and judge how things  should be and not accepting as they are.12278954_10153145540016512_7119103668180537496_n

Probably the biggest “sin” we can commit is judgement, for it kills us slowly, silently and secretly. Judgement causes mental, emotional and physical pain. We judge in so many ways they are too many to count. It lowers our vibration, clouds our perception and closes our hearts. It supports a story that is untrue and we continue to play the part of that story even if the shoe does not fit any more so to speak. Judgement is the EGO’s last stance to keep us from waking up out of the illusion of fear and comparison and untruth.

Under the  “Judgment umbrella” are an array of emotions such as guilt, shame, anger, bitterness, jealousy, resentment, powerlessness, fear etc. We see it personally, in families, communities, country wide. Judgement boxes us in and offers limitation as it’s “reward.”  How much pain do you experience in your life in one way or another, especially physical pain. Most often there is judgment in some expression that is crying out to you saying : “you are killing me here” ” Please stop!”


loveselfAuthentic JOY is an opposite experience for is this one is able to see, know feel joy just by being alive. It is birthed out of Gratitude for everything without exception. There is no comparison. There is total acceptance of what is. It is a seeing the play  of life for what it is. The only way I have found to lift and yes I mean LIFT our of the judgement which is only fear with and attitude, is through the energy of gratitude. Pure gratitude, awe of what is unfolding in our experience. Easier to say than do. When we offer gratitude for everything we have released all agendas, expectations, beliefs and opinions and in that moment we are free to be the Authentic joy that is our natural state of being. Joy witnesses and unifies, judgement separates and divides. In Authentic JOY we are whole and filled with love. It transcends the lower vibration into a higher consciousness of living that allows us to be in the river of life without need to hold onto any shore. Judgement is focused on the end result through attachment. Authentic JOY is enjoying the entire journey appreciating all the nuances, fragrances and experiences on the way completely non~ attached and at peace. Authentic JOY id the fire in our heart of hearts in our core center that never can be extinguished , no matter how hard we try.

Invite yourself to whenever judgement arises to say Thank you and take a deep breath. Perhaps  say “how does it get better than this?“.  I have gone through extended times just repeating over and over Thank you and taken deep breaths. It has worked wonders for me. Have fun with the experience in this life… It is only Life… as the angels say. “You guys are just too serious. Lighten up and thins will brighten up.” 

I AM Alive In~JOY 

In JOY I AM Alive

Blessings and hearthugs of lovelovelove

Maria Kramer

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