Awakening Oneness

Hi Beloved soul  

I was deep in meditation contemplating upon a dear beloved soulbuddy who had graduated to the next realm the day before and this beautiful message flowed through. The energy of pure love and oneness was palpable and blissful, I feel guided to share it. Allow yourself to hear it with your heart and I hope it will bless you as well.

Do you not know the love of the ONE is what flows through all and everyone.

The light of the Eternal Oneness illuminates every being on the planet.

The joy of the ONE vibrates in the hearts of all mankind when we reside in the I AM.

And only in the I AM, Love is All that remains.

Love that is unconditional
The love that animates all beings on the planet
The joy of the ONE experienced joyously through ALL beings.

The life force of love is All that matters and when we tune into the I AM that I AM, one can feel the love of the blessing everyone through the heart.

Know that this love is all that matters.
But it it is beyond words.
It is beyond description.
It only resides in the present.

Although it may have been experienced in the past and can be experienced in the future, the only place to really know it intimately is in the Here and Now.

For in the Now is the only place where love can be experienced.

The love of the ONE experiencing through two beings.
God letting God love God in Oneness with all.

Where the love of the ONE exists, words and mind is but an illusion.

The love of the ONE can only be experienced in the one still moment in complete communion with God or another being in communion connected Heart to Heart.

This love of which we speak feel it with every fiber of your being.

A lava flow of pure consciousness flooding every cell and every pathway glowing ever bright in the secret chambers of your heart in such a palpable way the mind fog is silenced and only Being remains.

Breathe in the I AM
Breathe out the I AM

Feel the overflowing steady Presence of I AM that I AM in YOU.
The I within the I, that we are in Oneness.

Feel this I AM life-force permeate you fully as you empty yourself of that which is not the I AM love light.

Maria L’Aria Raa
Copyright 10/29/2018

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