What if June stood for

Joyous Unstoppable New Energies
Last day of June is upon us and boy did it move fast in unbelievable ways. I have been going through a huge upgrade energetically and physically myself as I am sure many of you also are experiencing. Something shifted rather dramatically this week over the Solstice and Full Moon. Perhaps you felt it too. Through it I felt the true meaning of Divine Timing, surrender and choice to a whole new level.
June brought us the gifts of Awareness, Choices taken and choices  we are making as we move forward into the next cycle that is knocking on our doorstep.
The Universe exists in a state of completely joyous expression always for it resides in constant expansion eternally. Joy is that beautiful energy that embraces all as in perfect divine order without judgement. One could say that JOY is the life essence, the only true life force that allows one to BE fully ALIVE. When we are not feeling joy one can say we have become the walking dead and our life force is pinched off through the choice of not being in the flow of life. We are actuality resistance to whatever is flowing.
If we would be able to allow the flow to be what it is, we can surrender into the inner joy in oneness with Source, Divine Intelligence, God no matter the chaos round us in the world. Being in JOY is saying YES to life. Bring it on…..  no matter what situations and challenges we find ourselves in. When residing in true JOY we are able to respond to situations, people, places and things from a higher perspective instead of reacting to life out of fear.
Perhaps ask yourself: How can I live in a state of JOY this moment. What would it take for me to chose Joy in this moment no matter what?
Everything, every molecule and  energy is always in a constant motion. Nothing ever stands still not even time. Expansion and creation waits for no one. Once something, an intention, a decision, lava flow, a mudslide, avalanche or river is set in motion it is unstoppable till it eventually slows down and changes course.
The energies this month was unstoppable as they  were designed to catapult us on our ascension journey, lifting us into a higher state of consciousness. One can get caught and sucked under in the powerful flow leaving one feeling like one is gasping for air or one can if able to be in JOY float like a cork on the top of the current allowing the flow to carry you. Sometimes we get sidetracked listening more to our ego than the silent voice of God inside of us and yet we miraculously are able to regroup to get on the “right” track again.
Looking back,  How was the unstoppable energy expressing itself in your life this month? Ask yourself:  What would my life be like if I was unstoppable and I lived in full alignment with my Authentic Self, my purpose and passion?
It feels to me a huge new reset happened this last week. Humongous letting go of the old; whether thoughts, beliefs, emotions, patterns, habits, people etc.. Some release by themselves organically and others we release out of our experience consciously through affirmations, intentions, declarations to the universe and self. 
Albert Einstein said:
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” 
therefore in order for us each and as a collective to be birthed anew, step into a new paradigm, new beginning, letting go of the old is needed.
What old patterns and energy can I let go of and new energy can I call in to be the Joyous Unstoppable Divine being I AM meant to be underneath this mask I am wearing.
What new story AM I ready to write and experience in this moment. If not now, when? What new choice can I make that I have not allowed myself to yet?
Energy is neutral It just moves and flows. Whatever we bring attention to is where energy goes. Pay attention to how you are talking to yourself. Your cells are listening with open ears for instructions. Are you communicating with love or not so much to yourself and others. The energies of great light are flodding into Gaia, the planetary thought bodies and our own bodies and energy fields. Anything that is not in a vibrational match is being brought to light. The more we can be in joyous awareness and support the release of non loving energies we hold on to so dearly and allow the unstoppable process  to unfold the easier it is.  Call in the Energy of the Violet light to help facilitate the transmutation of the old into the new. Ask it to fill you, flow through you and envelop you.
If you are feeling drained become aware of what is draining you.
Is it your own limiting thoughts or have you allowed someone to attach a cord to you and you are being their gas pump.
Are you experiencing some drama and intense energies that must be released so new creations can unfold.
Are you feeling full of the energy of Source within you?
Are you allowing others to get filled from their own Source within themselves?
Are you feeling the new creative energies flowing unstoppably and joyously, then keep on and let it flow like lava to the sea.
How can I claim my full joyous unstoppable re-newed connection to the Divine that is within me always filling me to overflowing in oneness with all that is in the one energy that created me and everything in it.
I release all blocks in me, my consciousness, multidimensional selves today that have ever resisted my full joyous unstoppable energy ignition into living love and being love. 
I claim a new true Joyous Unstoppable me today.
Enjoy the rest of June and I look forward to connecting soon
Namaste L’Aria Raa

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