March could stand for

Hi Beautiful Beloved one,

Ready or not you are invited to March into your true magnificent Divine Self this month more than ever. If not now When?


Magnificent  Do you know you are a magnificent soul traveling a unique, one of a kind life experience journey on this planet. One a single other life stream is like you. If you could see the light that is your soul shining ever bright from your soul Self under all the layers of illusions and confusions, you would be astounded. Claim Re-Membering your magnificence today.  How would you be and express yourself in the world, if you fully embraced your magnificent self?

Awesome I saw a sticker on a car today that said: “You are AWESOME!!”  Do you fully realize how awesome you are?  Most of us do not. I am speaking of the awareness that you are a soul in a body and how awesome, awe-inspiring and perfect you are just by choosing to be you.  You have showed up to be at this time here and now in this cycle of planetary evolution. Your body is an awesome creation that supports your soul experience magnificently. It is the vehicle you designed to express through. Our mind and energy fields are amazingly awesome communication systems, that keeps evolving and unfolding as we raise our consciousness every moment of the day.

We are all Galactic Citizens that have so much soul history from so many other non-earth experiences and all that info is in our cell memory and DNA codes whether they have been activated or not. “It’s in there” as the Prego soup commercial says. Can you honestly say at the end of the day: Thank you for this awesome experience called life. Thank you for this awesome planet that sustains us effortlessly. Thank you for letting me be a part of this and being able to see the awesome puzzle piece I am in the greater puzzle of all. 

Quotes-of-Bhagavan-Sri-Sathya-Sai-BabaReverent Reverence is an energy and way of life that has been lost to many. Are we able to truly walk with reverence for the magnificent awesome being we are and others are? When was the last time you interacted reverently with another human being, animal, tree, flower and saw the Divine nature and God in them? If it’s been a while, what is holding you back from living in that state of consciousness all the time? I wonder how the world could change if we were able to see God in ourselves and in another at all times. If we recognized God is in everything and every  being including ourselves, would we be able too inflict pain at all. What if we saw Christ, Mary, Krishna, Buddha in all, how differently we would treat each other.  Tune into how  you can be more reverent today with yourself and another on a daily basis.

Compassionate Compassion – the energy of a pure open Christed Heart. Compassion is the ability of seeing through the illusion of appearances of the fear based self, understanding and feeling the pain and suffering of another and one self. It is the deep knowing we are all one and through that knowing that we are all connected emotionally, mentally, soul-ly as expressions and individuated life-streams of Source energy. Can  we have compassion for another pain behind the mask of anger and fear? Can we see ourselves in another. Tune into how you could open your heart to feel compassion for someone you dislike or have a difficult time forgiving and witness your own transformation. 

goldlightwomanHoly Self We are all Holy beings. Our body vehicles are Holy Cathedrals that houses our Divine Essence, Soul and Spirit. Most of us take for granted the amazing body ecosystem that operates automatically. We have become so entrenched in our personality self, the drama and traumas of life many have forgotten who and what we truly are. Holy Divine beings in oneness with God. It is said; “man is made in the image of God” and since God is Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent, so are we at our core, every single one of us.

God is pure light, love, joy. How would you live, treat yourself and another, if you truly recognized you were God, a Holy being, the true authentic Self. I invite you for one day, one week, one month Envision, Embrace, Enact, the Energetic Potential of the Supreme Being that you are in Oneship with.

Perhaps offer yourself the gift of this exercise:

Take deep breaths in and say to yourself:

I honor the Divine Holy Self I AM, then breathe it out in every cell of your body.  I breathe in the God Essence and Holy Self in oneness with Source I AM. I turn on the light of the Holy Self and illuminate the dark fearful self in this moment. I honor the Holy Self in all I meet to day. I bow the Holy Self I see in all I meet today even  if they do not see it in themselves. I choose the see the Holy Self in ALL beings and lifeforms in this moment including myself. Try it you might like it. 


The Divine in me honors the Divine in you

Blessings and hugs of love

Maria L’aria Raa


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