JOY stands for…..

Greetings Beloved One,

What if Joy could stand for Just Open Yourself or Jamming Open Yourself.

What does that really mean? Well most of us have some level of closed our hearts to giving, receiving and so true Joy is a difficult attainment.  We have been conditioned to believe happiness is the key to life and yet often this happiness is dependent on a outside circumstance; such as I’ll be happy when or I’ll be happy if. Sounds familiar?  When what we perceive to give us happiness depend on something external or something we are wishing to happen in the future but not necessarily true In This  Present Moment. In other words, we can’t feel happy without it so therefore we are actually coming from a place of lack and fear instead of a place of wholeness.

True Joy, which is our natural state of being is a centeredness in our heart, where we know we are completely whole and  our hearts are completely open, for we are living in the space that knows this life that we are living is a an expression of a hologram and we are creating our reality and nothing really is “As It Seems.”  Yet this Joy is like The Rock in the river that no matter what happens externally, we remain centered in the truth, knowing truth and being a witness as well as a participator. We fully recognize we are participating in life and it is just a play, it’s a role, it’s an experience and that nothing outside of us can shake our inner peace and inner Joy.


Joy is that space where the heart is fully open, where we have remembered Who We Are and we are able to love ourselves completely, all parts of us and therefore able to love everyone else completely. We notice and see the world through the eyes of love, through the glasses of joy and recognizing everything that happens around us,  everything is in perfect Divine expression and nothing is ever out of order.  There’s a Divine perfection in everything and every being on this planet is living their perfect piece of life’s puzzle to support one another in Awakening in our own Self-Ascension, Self-Realization process as well as the collective Ascension and Awakening of humanity, our beautiful planet Gaia and our extraordinary Galaxy, Universe.

The inner knowing that we are all a part of that, all depends on us making choices to remember. Joy is the energy that loves unconditionally that sees the perfection. Joy is that energy of an innocent young child that has not yet learned to judge and  feel and be separate. Joy is the state of being that Embraces all as equals all as perfection externally and internally. One could even say Joy is acceptance of what is without resistance to what is. Joy is the natural state of being,  So jam open your hearts. Pry them with a crowbar and allow yourself to feel fully the joy of life in ways beyond what you have imagined before.

Peace knows God

Love connects with God

Joy embraces God

When we live through Joy, all is in perfect harmony and we live as the perfect creative expression in our puzzle piece of life that we came to be and live. Give yourself the gift of opening your hearts to loving unconditionally, unequivocally, accepting everything as it is releases resistance to what is. Remember there’s only love. There is no separation. There’s only a pain, we create when we see things as different.  When we recognize that I and another one, there’s only joy. One literally feels connected to all through the energy of love.

When we reside in pure joy everything become effortless, a natural flow begins to create space and positive divine opportunities in your life.

Ask yourself: “What is the one thing I am resisting letting go of or limitation to live joy now?”


Here is a prayer Intention I offer from my heart you might enjoy.

May your day be filled with joy. May you heart be jammed open like a window that’s been stuck for eons to be opened outwards and finally let in some fresh air in.

“Beloved angels, Christ Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, God, Supreme Being,  Help me, Guide me, show me, work with me to jam open my heart completely to love, to be in the moment of joy,  in my natural state of being at all times. Help me remember my true state at all times.  

Jam Open My Heart that I may release all illusions of separation,  release the pain of this perceived separation.  Jam Open My Heart so I can release all the judgments of myself, let it fly out of my heart open to the Divine heavens.  May I open my heart and allow myself to reside in true Joy fully in Oneness and unity with all in total acceptance without resistance as a river that flows gently strongly.

Let me be a cork carried on the water.  Let me believe be a leaf falling freely to the ground having been released from the tree branch, knowing wherever I fall and however I descend and land is in perfect divine order.  Thank you for helping me release the judgments, so I can be the JOY I AM in Oneness and Unity with God.  

And so it is Beloved ones

Have a beautiful day L’Aria Raa

One Comment on “JOY stands for…..

  1. I love Jam Open my Heart! I have been repeating it in my morning meditations. Thank you!

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