February Self Love

Hi Beautiful soul,

Love month has arrived. How are you feeling? Are you feeling love and loved or not?

This is an amazing month to truly stabilize in the seat and energy of real true authentic love. How many ways can I BE love. Love love, allow love in and share the love I AM? That is the question isn’t it? This month offers us many ways to engage in the energy of love, lift into true love, however and it is also for many a challenging time as society promotes Valentines day as THE ONE day to share the love that is a natural state of being which is beyond the glamour of gifts and special ones in our lives. Sometimes I wonder how we have bought into the trap of celebrating love and Being loving only one day a year. What about the other days…. this has always befuddled me. Came up with an acronym for February so allow yourselves to feel into and let it support you in connecting to the love you are within.

February could be an acronym for

Free of the past and the future and fully in the moment of here now.  This is a beautiful month to CLAIM your complete FREEDOM to BE unrestricted, unattached, untethered, released from co-dependence and mass consciousness, dancing to your own music. What is freedom to you?

Allow the pain based emotions to flow through you and let go of anger, resentment and fear. Lift your vibration up the emotional scale of consciousness. Focus on the positive emotions and allow love to be the stabilizing central energy. Emotions are the most influential energy in out experience and so are you letting the emotions run you or are you the captain of the emotional body in this moment. I chose love instead of ……. What would love do in this situation?


Ask yourself: How have I become out of balance? What need to change for me to experience the freedom of being in balance. Are you taking timeout to have fun or are you like many focused on work and getting the chores done. Balance is important in may areas of our life, physical, nutritional, movement, spiritual, meditation, right livelihood, play, family, social, fun, introspection, your own inner divine Masculine and feminine nature are they in balance or are you more adept at one or the other.
What can you do this week to bring yourself some restorative time and experiences. What needs attending to that you have neglected perhaps for quite awhile. Restoration is like rebirthing. What can I birth forth as new ideas or projects that I have been procrastinating on. In order for me to feel restored what can I do or be in this moment.

Give yourself the opportunity for this experiment and challenge yourself to love yourself unconditionally the rest of February so 17 days. That means no judgements of any part of you, Catch yourself and reframe it immediately. Tune into one thing you love about yourself and really feel it with all your being. As you discover more ways to love yourself unconditionally and release judgement you will find you are also better able to love others unconditionally.

Are you aware of how amazing you are? You are made up of space and trillions of molecules that spin so fast you look solid. Your body moves without you telling it to. Your teeth know how to chew, your stomach how to digest. You are an amazing living vibrant eco system that your soul and ego is in charge of. You survived childhood, teenage years and are breathing at what ever age you are at this moment. Your heart beats on it’s own. Your soul is always in communicating through your feelings and emotions. Think back on all your accomplishments no matter how small or insignificant you feel they are. Tune into an experience where you overcame incredible odds. And guess what you are still here on planet earth during these incredibly expansive and restorative times. You said yes to be a part of this and learn some crazy life lessons and remember who you are. That takes immense courage. You are amazing because you are you and you are here now.


We are at a time where The lost art of Reverence is ready to be restored. When was the last time you held yourself with reverence or treated a plant, animal or person with reverence, high regard, awe and respect. When we are able to revere ourselves then we will truly be able to offer that reverence to others as well, in the recognition of the divine beings we all are. How would your life change you lived in the energy of reverence for all living beings including yourself.

See Your Self as the amazing beautiful special unique light you are. Also see how you and another are one in the larger Self. See your individual self within the other Self within the God/Source self and perhaps you will discover there is only one Self expressing itself in infinite ways. Allow your unique gifts to express itself and allow your puzzle piece of life to unfold with great unconditional love, freedom, reverence, balance, amazement.

As we free the limiting emotions that keep us stuck, we come into balance opening up to unconditional love so we can recognize the amazing being we are with great reverence.
Blessings and have a glorious week
Maria L’Aria Raa

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