January Stands for?

Greetings Beautiful soul.

I trust you are off to an amazing empowering start in 2018. Mind blowing how fast we are moving or how much time is collapsing as  we are actually moving into the still point beyond the illusionary concept of a timeline. It continues to fascinate me as we shift our consciousness into the higher realms of existence. While meditating I asked the angels what January could stand for as an acronym. I always enjoy the joyous playfulness of the Divine as it pour forth ideas for us to embrace and have fun with, so enjoy the  little wisdom game and see what you can come up with  feel free to share.

Joyous: Joy is our natural state of being. If we are not feeling joy then ask yourself why not and what is needed for you to raise into Joy. Joy is the vibration from which we co-create blessings. The joy of which we speak is the one that is internal for it is the soul that knows truth and is steady and rock solid regardless of outside circumstances. The joy of a child in the moment of witnessing the creation without judgement or opinion.

Authenticity: Are you living your true authentic self or are you co-dependently trying to please everyone, following the crowd and loosing yourself in the process?  Having the courage to be authentic and honor yourself regardless of whether you are seen, appreciated  by others. Are you totally accepting yourself and expressing your unique special you and gifts in the world? Are you living your dream or someone else’s dream or vision..

Now: If so why and why not step into your truth now.  If not now then when? Now, this moment, is all we have. The present moment is the only moment and truly is the present the angels and the Divine has gifted us. Are you occupied in your mind with the past or the future? Perhaps we can ask ourselves, how can I live as a living present in the now to the divine, my own soul and the world today? If I lived fully present in my authentic Joyous nature, what would my life look like? What would my day look like? Where would I be? With whom?

Unveil: What is being unveiled in your life? How is the curtain of illusion being pulled aside in your life at the moment? When we live joyous authenticity in the now and we find a deeper silence and stability internally,  much is unveiled, Many untruths as well as truths are brought to light in our consciousness and inner knowing. Ask the divine to unveil truth to you.

Aware: When we become aware of things that previously we had no awareness of everything changes. Awareness is a game changer in life. To live in awareness is living fully present in the now in conscious awareness. If you stood outside in the night and watched the night sky how much awareness are you able to experience in any given moment. The stars, planets, airplanes, meteors, animals, plants, flowers all around you you cannot see. Can you smell them or hear them? If standing in a group of people how much awareness do you have of others there. Their emotional, mental spiritual beingness. How aware are you of the ecosystem we call a body which is home to trillions of organisms working in harmony to support you every moment of every day.

Real: Do you know who you are?  Really!  Allow the real true you to blossom like the most beautiful flower you can ever imagine. Be real. Being the real you is true self-love and self-acceptance and recognizing your own real worth. Most people attempts to fit someone else’s mold out of fear of not being loved in return. Become aware of when you are real and when you are not.

You: Be who and what you BE. You are special. Do you know how amazing you are? You are a beautiful life-stream emanating from God, Source, Divine Intelligence that is here to express itself that the brilliant puzzle piece in life’s master puzzle. Have the courage to dare to BE YOU. Are you ready to love yourself enough and say YES to you even if it means saying NO to another.


Here is some intentions you can play with this month you might find supportive:

I am so grateful and thankful for living my joyous authentic self now as all that has been hidden is unveiling deeper awareness of the real me.

I am so grateful and thankful for realizing how much fun and easy it is to live as a truly joyous, authentic, real, fully aware self in the now as truth is unveiled with ease and grace.

I am amazed at how easy it is for me to unveil my authentic joyous, aware real me in every moment of the day.

I am grateful for how easy it is to express my authentic, real, aware, joyous self as I unveil more truth in every now.

Blessings and much love

L’Aria Raa

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