Celebrating “I have a Dream Day.”

Hello Beloved Soul,

Martin Luther King inspired many as he lived with purpose and passionate action his dream of a better world where ALL men and women, races would stand together as one human race brothers and sisters united in love, respect and honor of one another. MLK has always been a person role model and inspiration for me as I hold similar intentions in my life’s journey.

So enjoy this little piece that arose this morning contemplating the specialness of the day after we enjoyed a glorious Full moon eclipse last night. Eclipses invite new beginnings, clarity and birthing a new deeper soulful you. Many of us have dreams we begin and then somehow we get off track and lost in chaos and confusion of making a living creating someones else dream that we forget our own and we are here for a specific unique purpose as well. .

May this inspire you to resume your course to dream, design your destiny and life or discover a new expanded part of your divine puzzle piece blessing the world with your gifts. These thoughts can be applied to anything in your life, health, money, work, relationships, spirituality etc. 

“If you can dream it you can do it.” Walt Disney

never accepstopinions

DREAM could be an acronym for:

Direction: The word direction according to the dictionary is synonymous with charge, decree, commandment, directive do, instruction.

What direction would you like to let your dream grow and flow towards.

What is your dream?

How would you like to be of service in the world? 

What do you like to do for play that would be amazing to experience as a livelihood?

If you could do anything in the world and get plaid to play what would it be?

What do you get lost in for hours and time just seems to stand still? What comes easy to you?

Are you feeling antsy at what you are currently doing? Maybe an inner nudge a new and different direction can be explored. Know that our soul is on a specific journey of learning lessons, self-mastery and shining our light as we bring our gifts out into the world. Sometimes we need to go in the opposite direction we are headed to get on right track. We are here to live what brings us joy, fun, peace and fulfillment. 


Do what sets your soul on fire and you will be supported in all ways. 

Resolve: Choose, determination, decide, purposefulness. Resolve is a main key to make out dreams come true. Choose whatever it takes to keep you moving on the path no matter how many distractions attempt to pull you off course. Sometimes there is this moment of awareness of a purpose that will cause you to say that’s it, and you will be determined to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way, turn a deaf ear to others opinions as you are the only one living your life. No one knows what its is like to be in your shoes, no one ever can. The key is to keep moving. What is it that will inspire you to change and be the best version on you, giving your gifts out in the world. What will it take for you to choose to keep going when others said it couldn’t be done. What will cause you to say yes to you , you are worthy, and so is everyone else. 

Don’t wait for the right opportunity, Create it. George Bernard Shaw. 

Envision: Spend time envisioning, fantasizing, seeing, visualizing, feeling, imaging yourself living your dream. Spend time every day taking this inner action, especially first thing waking up or last before drifting off to sleep as the subconscious is most reprogrammable then. Feel it with every fiber of your being and body. The more we spend time envisioning we bring ourselves into a vibrational match to what we are creating. Have fun with it. Let it be joyous. Write down your vision. keep editing and expand it as everything is in constant motion, expansion and creation and change. 

“A journey of a 1000 miles must begin with a single step.” Lao Tzu

Action: What outer action steps can you take today to bring you closer to your dream. Ask the angels and your soul / higher-self, what one thing can I do right now to ……
Ask the angels “what else is possible?” Then listen and follow your intuition.

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. Oprah Winfrey

motivate self

Motivation: This is an important part. What is your purpose, what is driving you to take the actions and keep moving forward with your dream. We can be driven by fear or love. In other words we are either motivated by moving towards something or away from something. It is a catalyst for change. When we are sick and tired of being sick and tired at some point we choose to find the motivation to take actions we did not prior or they did not seem possible or even in our conscious awareness. Sometimes our greatest motivation is inspired by someone else we care about whether family member, group or cause or an inner fire that propels us forward. Without it nothing happens.  

Sail the boat of your dream and enjoy the journey. 

Blessings and love Maria L’Aria Raa 

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