Passionate Action

Hello Beautiful one

What is passionate action? There are different parts to this energy. in one way it is the action we are and do from our heart space fully aligned with that which brings us greatest joy and is a passion of ours therefore a true indication of living our soul’s purpose and mission while enjoying this beautiful planet. I feel it is the gift we came here to share with the world with the energy of peace and deep love. It is our puzzle piece in the big puzzle of creation.

Passion is defined as any powerful and compelling emotion.

Each individuals personal passion invigorates us, blesses us with inspiration and creative juices that flow effortless like a roaring river. It is is that thing which we can do for hours without batting an eye and one wonders where did the time go.  Passionate action is multifold. For each of us it is something that brings joy, blesses us, we would do for free just because….It blesses others we interact with and offer this to, who is waiting to receive and or participate in with us. Thirdly it is something that blesses the Planet and is good for the whole not just the individual.

Your passion is your purpose. Live with passionate loving action with each breath you take. Your angelic loving presence is your Divine purpose expressed through your human body complex. Angel Ariel

It is carries the light of peace, love, authenticity

It is being aligned with how we wish and are meant to live in alignment with and in service to the Divine, our Authentic Soul Self, our fellow travelers and all of nature including this planet and the entire galaxy and universe and all the unknown universes that exists ad continue to expand. Passionate action when birthed from your soul heart of infinite joy is effortless and fun. It is Being the Gift, Sharing the Gift you came to give to the world. It is completely aligned with the energy of  expansion, joy, ease and source.


Gift yourself to contemplate on and become clear in:

“What is it that sets your soul on fire?”

During which activity do you feel most inner joy? Inner Peace? In love with life.

Your life is your message? We all have one. What is yours?

What has been your life lessons that you are here to share your wisdom with others?

Forgiveness. Patience, non-attachement, empowerment, focus, acceptance, Tenacity.  Grit.

Feeling like a Jack in the box that always get the lid put back on and you keep rising like the Phoenix?

Overcoming Obstacles.

Health issues you have healed

Financial healing

When do you feel you are the most in your Authentic Power and when not?

What comes easy to you?

Meditate on it, journal

A cause you feel aligned with.

Here is a great question to say to yourself: How can I show up for me today?

Touch into your heart and feel the fire of purpose rise with in and this is the month to take action on it. If not now when? Let your inner muse inspire you in your knowing and allow it to emerge from the depth of your heart with more light, love and joy than you can imagine. Create the life that is too good to be true. Live it now not some day in the future that may not arrive. Be the amazing Lion and Lioness you are filled anchored in your authenticity. It is your time. Own it. Claim it.

Blessings and much love from my heart to yours

Maria L’Aria Raa



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