Sacred Anointing Healing

Sacred Self-Ascension Anointing Process is a profound ancient Egyptian healing technique where the most powerful ancient sacred high vibrational Purest Egyptian oils are applied on specific Chakra points on your body to open and balance your energy centers. Placed on each chakra, a different oil brings to surface a balance with the physical, mental, or spiritual body. A simple and powerful method to release stress, pain and feel more peace.

annointing-oil.jpg?w=400&h=283Anointing is an ancient ceremony that is a gift, a blessing, healing, restoration and renewal. A blissful way of coming back home into balance, harmony, alignment and connectivity with the Divine Being you are through awakening, opening, clearing your physical, mental, and spiritual body.
This Ceremony was used in ancient times to bring forward your wisdom and authentic being. The Anointing provides deep healing in which the client receives in the Sacred Chamber of heir Heart. The anointing begins at the feet and continues up the body as all Chakras are anointed, opened and balanced. Client lay face down on a massage table for the entire session. Sound healing, crystal and Avesa balancing is a part of the session as well. 

This Sacred Cosmic Anointing Ceremony is perfect for a person desiring  release of stress, opening up to an expanded new self and deep spiritual experience and blessing of themselves and their soul. 

It is a Divine wonderful gift for a couple to receive together being present for the experience of each others Anointing ceremony.

Perhaps a Bride and their bridesmaids to bring a profound spiritual blessing and connectivity in as part of their souls journey.

Abundance Exchange is single session  $111

Inquire for group session

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