Rising Star Healing

Rising Star Healing System

The Rising Star Healing System was channel by Derek O’Neill, a spiritual teacher and healer from Ireland. This healing system enables us to step out of the way and allow the Divine to do all the work. It has been given to humanity as a tool to help us  move forward towards enlightenment.

pre0966cDerek O’Neill has been a very dear awakened, inspiring, cut to the chase, in my face, look through me into my soul, funny and empowering being who I have had the blessing of being in his  and his late wife Linda’s workshops and receive the most profound attunements and messages from. I am forever grateful guidance I have received from him in person and in the etheric. He truly is an inspiration and guidance on my path since I met him in 2003. He has been my light on the journey to forgiveness. If he can do it I have no excuse.  My favorite quote of his is:

“Love is the answer. Now what was you question?”  Derek O’Neill

  • The Ascended Master who oversees the Rising Star is Master Hilarion. Master Hilarion is connected with the energies of healing and science. Master Hilarion channeled the Rising Star to Derek.
  • Three other Masters also oversee the Rising Star healing System. These Masters send their energy to Master Hilarion who sends his energy to the Rising Star. These are Master Jesus, Master Babaji, Master Melkizidek.
  • The Lineage of the Rising Star is Source to Source, i.e., Source Above directly to Source within the client, with no one in-between. Thus the Rising Star is a very pure healing system. Since the Rising Star is so powerful, the energy of the Rising Star is stepped down so that Teachers, Practitioners and clients can handle the amount of energy that comes to them. The stepping down structure of the Rising Star is Source Above, to Derek, to Teacher, to Practitioner, to client, with no one else in-between.
  • The Rising Star has been given to humanity as a tool to help us move forward toward enlightenment.
  • The Rising Star enables the Practitioner to step out of the way, and allow Divine Beings to do all the work.
  • The Rising Star originally existed in the Temple of Truth in Ancient Egypt. The Temple of Truth is also known as the Minjushri Temple.

Guide your life with these five human values:
Prema ~ Love
Shanti – Peace
Sathya – Truth
Dharma – Right Action

Ahimsa – Non-Violence
Trust in Trust, Faith in Faith.

  • The Rising Star came to Derek during a large More Truth Will Set You Free workshop in New York City. While Derek was giving a workshop, he was talking and then he suddenly stopped and went quiet for a time. Then he said to the 300 or so people at the workshop that the Masters had just told him to share a new healing system with them and the world. He then told all present that it was because of the high energy level in the workshop that the system could be shared at this time. Derek asked if anyone had a big issue to deal with. A woman suffering from scoliosis came up, and within minutes of starting the healing, loud clicking noises could be heard as her bones began to straighten. She informed Derek that she was feeling a lot of fear and energy. Derek told her to relax and when she did her spine that was out of alignment for years, began to straighten. At the end of the healing, she told Derek that she felt much more balanced, and that the heat and energy during the session felt like a jackhammer breaking through something and working on her. Many people were crying and amazed. Since then, thousands around the world have been trained and healed through the Rising Star Healing System, and have agreed that it is very powerful, and in some cases life changing.
  • The Masters tell us the Rising Star is the most powerful healing System on the planet at this time. It encompasses all other healing systems on the planet, plus adds more healing as well.
  • The Rising Star is a living energy. As new healing systems come onto the planet, the Rising Star will incorporate them into itself.
  • The Masters have said if humanity catches on to the Rising Star, we will have world peace within a few short years.
  • The Rising Star helps promote unity consciousness.
  • Every Rising Star session is completely unique and personalized for the client. The Higher Beings know exactly what the client needs on all levels, even more than the client might know of themselves, and They bring that to the client with each session.
  • The Rising Star gathers the energy of each client’s personal lineage (both in this lifetime and on client’s soul level) and incorporates the energy of client’s lineage into the session, thus bringing the client all they need with the energy most beneficial and effective for them.
  • The Rising Star works on all levels of the client – physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, energetic, etc.
  • The Rising Star works on all 7 body systems. The 7 body systems are like 7 layers of energy around a person. The physical body is the first and most dense body system.
  • A Rising Star healing session restructures the client’s energy circuits for holding a higher frequency.
  • On the spiritual level, the Rising Star can activate DNA up to the 40th strand. With each Rising Star healing session, as much DNA as the client is ready to have activated is activated. When that is fully integrated and the client is ready to have more DNA activated, they will get a strong feeling to receive another Rising Star session.
  • A Rising Star session works on one chakra per day and any unresolved issues connected with that chakra, for a total of 21 days. (On the karmic level, each Rising Star session works on the client for up to 21 months). Usually a Rising Star healing will move through client’s being from crown chakra to root chakra. On very rare occasions, the energy can start at client’s root chakra and move up to their crown chakra.

pre0966bThe Rising Star healing symbol incorporates but is separate from the Prema Agni symbol. Keeping in mind the Prema Agni symbol and adding to it the seal of Solomon and the Avatar, brings this healing system to the highest vibrational level. Taking note of the five tail feathers reaching down to the top of the heart and six wing feathers, three to each side, these represent the tail and wings of the peacock (the symbol associated with all Avatars) and the number eleven, which is Christ Consciousness. This is specifically noted in numerous pictures of Krishna with peacocks, amongst others. The Star of David on top represents the absolute balance of male and female, yin and yang, the womb of creation, and the phallic symbol of the Divine Father (the blade). This symbol reaching humanity with the seal of the Avatar and its associated number, which is six, brings the Divine energy into and through all who are touched by it.

Receiving a Rising Star healing brings the amalgamation of all energies present in this dimension and others to a single point to awaken the heart chakra. This in turn sends energy up and down the body simultaneously, grounding the healing into the receivers manifested (physical) body and traveling above the crown chakra filling the light body manifesting the Divine on Earth. So as you can see, all that which is above and below, left and right, returns to the I AM.

If you have not already received the Rising Star Healing, I suggest you bring these words to life under your own experience of the connection to Source. Bringing to you prosperity meaning, “living your life not what you think you owned.” When love is present, as it will be during these healings, disease cannot be there. So looking at the symbol again, you will see the seal of the Avatar (the Star) pushing the ego (represented by the peacock) through the heart and awakening the lotus of Love in all of humanity’s heart. May we all grow in kindness.

Love Love Love,

Private Healing Sessions

The Rising Star does not require you to have faith, follow a specific religion, or even believe in it, in order for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to heal and transform.

Rising Star healing sessions can be performed from a distance if an in-person session is not possible. You will receive the same powerful effects as an in-person healing session.

Energy exchange for sessions are

1 Session  $144
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3 Sessions $ 400  Discount ( $32)
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pre0852bMy personal Rising Star teacher is Anne Terry a sweet love filled soul I am deeply grateful to know. She has inspired deep inner knowing of truths and devotion to God

Derek O’Neill, from Dublin, Ireland, has devoted his life to reawakening people to their innate goodness and reintroducing unconditional love to them and to the planet. Derek has established Born Free Now Foundation, where our goal is to share so that all the people of the world have FOOD, MEDICINE and WATER. Love brings this to manifestation through all of us.

Derek is a Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, Master Healer, Kriya Yogi, Reiki Grandmaster, Master Teacher of the Rising Star Healing System and an Olympic Qualifier in Martial Arts. Derek’s healing workshops, “More Truth Will Set You Free,” have helped thousands worldwide. Derek’s web site is http://www.bornfreenow.com or http://www.moretruthwillsetyoufree.com.

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