IET MI Immersion

 November  11, 12, 13, 14,  2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday

Get in the Thanksgiving Spirit early in November in beautiful sunny Florida with a special

8-14 Higher Steps, Angelic Reunion, Raise your Reach and Deepen your Practice Immersion weekend. 

This is for Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructors ONLY

Are you ready to take your life and IET Mastery to the next level?

Are you called to enter into Immersion with the Healing Angels of the Energy Field?

Angel Ariel has inspired me to put together this comprehensive immersion weekend for Master-Instructors only to offer profound wholing and lifting into Ascension consciousness by going deep in each of the higher steps. As we work with the World Angel Grid you will learn at a deep level why it is so important we work with it at this time and in the future individually and as a unified team. By working with the WAG we help the angels Reverse Global Warming & Resolve Conflict Worldwide End World Hunger & Bring Peace to the Planet. 

Join Maria and the Angels in bringing peace and harmony to the world of chaos as we raise our vibration and that of the beautiful beings of all life forms on this planet, this galaxy and this Universe. Everything we are, think and feel affects others in all of consciousness in all dimensions of time. We have the power to crate the Garden of Eden on Earth as we each rise our consciousness and bless all others in the process by our vibrational lift into Being Love – Living Love.

This weekend will offer an opportunity for you to really embrace, integrate  and understand the power of each of these Higher Steps and all the Master-Instructor Processes you have learned and new  additional ones. We will practice them in many different ways and you will learn how to apply them in various ways in your own life and sharing them with the clients and incorporate them into other  workshops you might offer.  This is an intimate hands on with lots of experiential  opportunities as well ample time for questions and answers. It is an self-empowerment weekend as well as you will leave feeling confident in leading Higher steps to Transformation classes for others with ease and grace and help shift the world to a better place.

The class  location is only 5-7 minutes from the beach. We will go to to the Beach in the late afternoons to enjoy the Sunset sun-gazing and offer healing to the world and practice IET Processes as we are guided or walk and dance. Saturday Nights there  is often Drumming on the beach if you are called to join. We will Enjoy a vibrant lunch  together and enjoy an evening meal in Venice or Sarasota in the evening. There are many wonderful places to stay with in walking distance to the beach so you can luxuriate with the sunrise in the morning. 

Higher Steps workbooks, your personal Joy stone and Crystal key are included

Light high Vibrational Lunch is included all days. Dinner is your own expense. 

blessingbowlWe will work with the Blessings Bowl all days reigniting the power and  joy of this amazing materialization tool so bring one with you that fills your heart with joy.We will Attune the bowls to all 3 IET Rays and incorporate the complete Advanced MI blessing bowl  Processes from the beginning with every WAG step we practice.

Classes begin daily at  9 AM — —

Attend 1, 2 or all 4 days

You will learn and we will practice stepscloud

Friday 11/11 and Saturday 11/12

How to build a WAG Anchor Beam and connect it with the WAG so you can create them  and bless the spaces you live, teach and work in. Only Master-Instructors can create this WAG beam.

Step 8: WAG Phase 2 ~ Grid Healing …..A beautiful and profoundly deep Process as you learn and practice how to clear resistance to love and imprint empowerment in yourself and people world-wide for the benefit of all living beings. Learn how to extend this gift to all past incarnations of your self and your ancestral lineage.

Step 9: WAG Phase 3 ~ Pure Joy.. Are you ready to live pure JOY, Your natural state of being? Want to play with the Cherubs and feel their effervescent energy? Learn and practice adding a layer of Pure Joy to the World Angel Grid with the help of the Cherubs, and can be used again as many times as you like.

hand heartStep 10: WAG Phase 3 ~ Compassion.Lift into your empowered heart and offer compassion to yourself and others. Learn The New Angel Wash Process, Experience Angel Ariel’s HeartSeed Process, Let Compassion Bloom Brilliantly In Your Life, and Travel Inter-Dimensionally into the Dimension of Love.

Step 11: Homecoming….. You will meet your personal angel guide who will help you to discover your special healing and empowerment Heartlight colors, who will then work with you to create a safe and powerful inner sanctuary. You will then move energetically deep within this sanctuary to powerfully experience the energy that unifies all life, which will move you beyond your ego’s idea of self, to discover your true spiritual self.

Step 12 : Unity in Action..Angel Ariel bringing in the 2012 Unity Shift, which moves you to the crystalline vibration. From there you will journey to the highest angelic realms where, working with the support of your personal angel guide, you will create your own personal crystal key which you will use to unlock your heart’s code and become Unity in Action.

Sunday 11/13 

stargateStar Gate Technique:  Learn this powerful and highly effective technique to facilitate the release of earthbound spirits, negative thought forms, discordant interference energies. Learn how this beautiful process supports the ascension process of humanity and the planet by releasing lower vibrational fear based energies through the power of love with the help of angelic love.

healing angel light

Step 13: The IET® Ascension ProcessThe most blissful of all the processes. You will follow along during the creation of a new energy center within your body called a “Heart Star”. Using vortex energy and sacred geometry, you will merge your Earth Star with your Soul Star to align your life with the energy of the Unity Wave and create the optimal energetic vibration for you to experience Ascension.

Step 14: Being Love- Living Love Process:  You will build your very own personal angelic energy grid which will be woven into your human energy field by the angels.
Enter into a deep state of being where you can experience pure unconditional love.
Establish a unity heartlink connection with those who also embrace their essence, connecting all of these in your heartstar and together entering into a state of pure unconditional love.Bring unconditional love into every aspect of your daily life.

We will also enter into deep levels of presence and enjoy many other IET processes 

Monday 11/14

iamopenreceiveRaise your reach and Deepen your Practice is designed to support you in journeying farther along your path of spiritual mastery! We will review and expand your use of the Sacred Geometries in new and fun ways!
Learn how to apply IET® techniques in new ways that can change your life and others !  Raise your reach to a higher level and use IET energy to live your reach with ease!
Join us as we explore a deeper level of you, using many of the IET tools and techniques currently being taught in our IET Master’s class, and apply them during this workshop to support you in receiving your Reach.You will identify and claim your reach using techniques such as the Blessing Bowl process, use of Sacred Geometries, Create a focused Mini Vision Board process.
Don’t be surprised if miracles happen in your life during or just after this workshop.

Angel exchange: All 4 days $ 555
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Angel Exchange: Friday, Saturday, Sunday  $ 444
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Angel exchange:  Friday and Saturday $ 333
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Angel Exchange: Sunday and Monday: $300 
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Angel Exchange: Sunday Angelic Being Love Living Love Angelic Reunion: $150
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Angel Exchange: Monday Raise your reach and deepen your Practice: $150
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