IET 5 Day Certification Immersion

December  28, 29, 30, 31,  2018, January 1, 2019

Get in the Thanksgiving Spirit early in November in beautiful sunny Florida with a special





The class  location is only 5-7 minutes from the beach. We will go to to the Beach in the late afternoons to enjoy the Sunset sun-gazing and offer healing to the world and practice IET Processes as we are guided or walk and dance. Saturday Nights there  is often Drumming on the beach if you are called to join. We will Enjoy a vibrant lunch  at the center together and an evening meal for those interested in Venice or Sarasota in the evening. There are many wonderful places to stay with in walking distance to the beach so you can luxuriate with the sunrise in the morning. 

Includes a high vibrational lunch, snacks, tea, coffee and alkaline water all every day.

Deposit $400

Full Payment al 5 days: $1,400

Master-Instructor class only: $ 755

Basic – Intermediate – Advanced: $727




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