eftlogo2Emotional Freedom Technique is a combination of eastern meridian “energy therapy” and western “psychology.” Eastern “meridian” therapy is best known for acupuncture or acupressure and utilizes specific access points along what are known as meridians that have been mapped out on the body for five thousand years by the Tibetans. These meridians carry “chi” or “life-force energy.” When that “energy” is blocked due to trauma (physical, emotional, chemical) the body or emotions may react in a negative fashion. A person may feel pain or negative emotions due to the disruption. When it is removed, the negativity is also resolved.

You simply “tap” on certain “access points” along the meridians and in so doing, “balance” the energy in that meridian. This is done by gently tapping at those access points that are closest to the surface of the skin, allowing the blockage to dissipate and the energy to flow again. Once the life force energy begins to flow again, the issue at hand usually is reduced or resolved quite quickly.

The process is a progressive series of reductions of pain or discomfort until the issue or pain is resolved down to a zero level. Once that happens, the next issue will usually automatically rise up and make itself known and the next round starts anew. This is an ongoing procedure until the person has taken care of all aspects of what has been troubling them.

It was developed by Gary Craig.

Learn more about EFT go here

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