Avesa Quantum Healing

Avesa Energy Balancing opens the pathway to a Mystical Journey of Divine Connection.

Gift yourself with the mystically unique and powerful experience of Avesa Energy Healing Sessions which evolves according to your energy with the Archangelic Realm.

An Avesa Balancing creates an inter-dimensional Quantum Energy field where healing and restoration can happen instantly for it operates beyond time and space. Many are now calling this process the Ten Minute Miracle. In just ten minutes, you can accomplish what could otherwise take hours to achieve, and without ever touching the receiver!

During an Avesa Balancing, we gift ourselves and the receiver with a tangible experience of remembering and reconnecting with our incredible, whole, and harmonious Soul Energy.

The results are often nothing short of miraculous. Those who have experienced this profound gift report diminished physical symptoms, along with greater experience of peace, ability to manifest, clarity of life purpose, and true connection with their Divine being-ness.

As our Soul does not get sick, the more we allow this energy to come forward, the better we feel on all levels: spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. With each Avesa Balancing Session, the energy of our Authentic Self becomes more and more familiar and available.

These sessions can be offered in-person and at a distance. Avesa balancing can be integrated easily with other modalities or offered as a stand alone practice.

Prepare to ascend to new heights of consciousness and access your full Divine potential!

I received my training in February of 2009 and found this personally very empowering and am blessed to offer several of the Avesa Quantum Healing protocols.

Here is a picture to the class I attended.


Namasté Maria LAriaNaAnyaKaaRaa

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