Messages of Love



Message from Jesus 4/3/15

“Open your hearts to Be Love.
Live Love,
Receive Love.
Gift Love.
For you are love incarnate.
One with me.
One with Source, Creator of all that is.” 


godmessage maria

Message from God 2006
Dearest Children
Be Peace
Live Peace
Love Peace
That is all I ask


blessed I AM

May 13, 2016

Hello Beloved Earth Angel.
You are loved more than you can ever imagine. Take a moment and Feel into your heart and hear and sense the joyful aliveness of of Source love light coursing through you.
Feel the life-force of all creation bless you infinitely and eternally.
Say to yourself: ” I AM blessed.” May your day be filled with infinite blessings of love, joy and peace.
Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa

forgiveness daniel

May 15, 2016

Hello Beloved Earth Angel.

“Pop.. Pop..Fizz… fizz… oh what a relief forgiveness is!!!!” Angel Daniel
This came through in an IET session with a client years ago and forgiveness truly is the ticket to true freedom and living from I AM Presence we are. We could not stop laughing and it freed the client completely.
“Dear Angels and Divine intelligence …Bless me this day with the deepest level of forgiveness that unplugs me from judgement and pain of the past so I can be here now. Bless all I have perceived to hurt me.”

“I release, I let go, I loose, I let go. I let God.”
Namasté Maria L’Aria Raa


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